When your child reaches his or her teenage years and has to acquire insurance, this is a moment where you need to consider the best ways to reduce their current insurance rates and premiums. There are ways around lowering rates, you just need to do your homework a little bit.

One thing we need to consider is insurance companies tend to quote much higher rates for teen drivers among all other individuals. The reason behind this is that, the most common and leading cause of teenage death from ages 15 to 19 is motor vehicular accidents, so carriers take precaution when pricing out rates for all teens, no matter what their age.

On the other hand, although teenage car insurance is costly, there are some ways of reducing or trimming down the premiums or rates for teenagers.

First, you need to inspire your teenager to do well in school. Doing good means giving his or her best through studying hard and being enrolled as a full time student. Full time students with good grades are eligibly for discounts on their insurance rates.

Within the school year or semester, your son or daughter needs to come up either with a minimum average of B or higher or be apart of the honor roll list. Basically, if your teenager does well academically, a twenty percent discount will be given and deducted from the insurance policy which is a huge perk for doing well in school. Atleast in the eyes of parents since they are the ones usually paying.

Another way of getting a discount from insurance companies is to ensure that your teenager undergos driving lessons. Through this, your teenagers car insurance policy may be eligible for a much lower car insurance rate. This is one strategy that insurance firms are adhering to in order to prevent further accidents. The driving lessons will enable your son or daughter to experience driving, prior to exposure when he or she is on the streets. Through this, accidents can be prevented and insurance firms will reward you for it.

Aside from those ways of reducing your teenagers car insurance cost, there is another way in which you can save.

Consider also buying an old car for your teenagers. Although they may ask or hope for a brand new car, something that you need to consider is an insurance policy for new cars is much more expensive.

To sum it up, there are lots of ways to lower your teens car insurance rates. Through good grades, driving lessons, and buying an older car you can easily lower your teenagers car insurance rates and premium. First and foremost, it is advisable for you to consult your insurance agent to come up with a better and smarter plan so you and your family can have the best insurance policy possible.

Do you know of any other ways to lower your teenager or child's insurance rates? If so, please share them with us in the comments below.

We are always looking for additional ways to save money on our child's insurance costs.