Once upon a time, the only way to find out a car's value was to visit the "Blue Book." For years, the Kelley Blue Book was the place where buyers and sellers alike could find out whether a deal was good or not. But in today's new world of used car sales, there is also the Black Book that has made a lasting impression in valuing cars as well. Now, dealers and private parties both will readily turn to get the free NADA used car values guide before they decide to make a deal.

What Is The Black Book?

Unlike the Kelley Blue Book, which is commonly used by dealers and private people alike, the NADA Black Book was printed exclusively for dealers. The 74-year-old guide offers much more information about car values than the Blue Book ever intended to. Dealers who use it have access to dealer retail sales, analysis of additional data from over half a million resources, and specialized instructions on how to value a vehicle. It is circulation controlled, which means that it is not geared towards public use and it is updated weekly so as to offer the most current values of vehicles in the marketplace.

Better For Valuing Rare Cars:

While the Kelley Blue Book and the NADA's Black Book both have similar policies when it comes to valuing used cars, experts feel that when it comes to rare cars, using the free NADA used car values is preferable. This is because of the ability to assess rare and unusual cars more accurately. They point out that the frequency of updates makes the Black Book more dependable.

Dealers say that they can rely more on the Black Book because of its high accuracy rate. They feel that accuracy is key to keeping them competitive in business. If the value given by the Blue Book is outdated, it may be more difficult for them to find a buyer or they may lose money because of it. That's why they turn to the Black Book so they can stay competitive when it comes to getting the best value.

Of course, these values will change for the Black Book from one week to the next and also from one region to the next. If you choose to visit their online site, you'll find the most up to date values for all sorts of used cars, motorcycles, RVs, boats, classic cars, and even manufactured homes. Car dealers have the added data used by financial companies to decide if they will finance a used car including information for insurance companies, and government vehicles as well.

Whether you're buying or shopping for a used vehicle you as a consumer have your choice, the Kelley Blue Book now seems to be taking a back seat to the more current and accurate information found in the free NADA used car values reports in the Black Book. Buying a used vehicle is not always easy but when you have the right information in front of you, it's easy to figure out if you're going to be paying what the car is really worth or not.