Once upon a time, our country was known for its cheap gas prices. Today, however, things have changed massively. Gas prices have been rising steadily for the past few years, and they are showing no signs of stopping. As a result, you may be asking yourself how to find the cheapest gas my area has to offer. There are actually quite a number of solutions out there that you could look into. While you will generally always have to pay something for gas, you don't necessarily have to pay the earth.

Finding the Cheapest Gas My Area Has to Offer Online:

The internet is a treasure cove of information, including on how to find cheap gas. You can spend some time looking up the prices of gas in your geographical area, thereby finding the fuel station that offers the best rates. There are also some websites, like Map Gas Prices and Gas Buddy that help you to achieve this. All you need to do is enter your zip code, and they will direct you to the cheapest option.

Using Apps to Find the Best Prices:

The world has gone smart nowadays and it is likely that you have an Android or iOS device, be that a smartphone, a tablet or both. There are a number of great apps, including GasWatch, that you could use. Again, all you have to enter is your local zip code and it will tell you where to go. This is also very useful if you are away from home and need to know where to go for cheap gas.

Locating the Cheapest Gas My Area Has to Offer with Cell Phone Alerts:

A number of cell phone service providers have come up with alert options for a variety of things, including gas prices. This means that you can receive an alert whenever a gas price changes somewhere. While these services are often not free, it will help you save money, often more than what you paid for the service. Finding out that prices are going to rise will give you an opportunity to fill up before they actually do so.

Using GPS:

Again, if you have some sort of smart device, you will also have GPS. There are now a few services that will track your GPS and inform you on where the nearest and cheapest gas stations are. Garmin is one really good tool to achieve this.

Going Wholesale:

There are a number of wholesale societies that you could consider joining. For instance, you could try BJ's Wholesale Club or Sam's Club. You will need to become an associate with these clubs, but once you have, you should see some significant savings. However, they do tend to have a number of set rules in terms of who can and cannot become an associate.

Clearly, there are some options out there in terms of finding cheap or more affordable gas prices. The only other alternative would be to get rid of the gas guzzler and consider a hybrid or electric car. Or, you could join the cycling revolution.