Whether you want to buy or sell a boat, you need to know what the acceptable value for that boat will be. Just as with cars, there are many different makes and models out there, as well as different specifications, ages, features, upgrades, and more that will determine the appropriate price. Unfortunately, this can make things quite confusing. After all, while you may know that there are numerous factors affecting the value of a boat, you may not realize as to what degree they can affect it. So how do you find free used boat values?

Personal Agents:

You can ask an agent to find out what is the current value of a particular boat. They have registers of boats that have just been made available for sale, giving you an idea of prices. Plus, they will send you regular information on boat auctions and new models that are available.

Online Search:

Another great place to find free used boat values is online as well. Do not, however, consider any price that you see online as definitive. You will find that there are great variations between them. Nevertheless, online values can serve as guidelines.

Check Advertisements:

Boats can be advertised anywhere including online, and also in magazines and yacht clubs. Again, these values can give you a guideline of what a boat could be worth.

Ask Third Parties:

Boating is a lifestyle, so if you're into it, it is likely you know others who are too. They can tell you their opinion on what a certain boat is worth. Similarly, you could go to harbors, marinas, and boat ramps, where professionals are likely to be more than happy to provide you with free used boat values.

A Few Points to Consider:

The value of a boat is affected by a lot of different things. Make sure that you do the following as well:

  • Make sure there are no defects to the boat that aren't listed.
  • Check for rotten planks on wooden boats.
  • If you notice that the boat has been repainted, find out why.
  • Take the boat out to sea so you know it is functioning properly and smoothly
  • Take your time. Go through survey reports, take a look around, and more.
  • Only buy from reliable sources.
  • Make sure there are no liens on the boat you want to buy.

If you do spot any issues while doing the above, you could decide to walk away, or you could use the information to negotiate a better price. If you do buy, make sure you are given all relevant documentation before you sign any paperwork. This way, you ensure that you are protected.

Selling a Boat:

If you want to sell your boat, you can repeat all of the above in terms of finding out the price. You also need to perform the aforementioned checks, so that you can keep the price of your boat as high as possible. The better condition your boat is in, the higher its value will be. Hence, investing in some small repairs may just be a good idea.