When it comes to buying a used boat, negotiating a good price requires a little intuitive thinking, research, and timing. There's no question that you must do your homework if you want to get a square deal on the vessel of your choice. Many people do not realize that no matter what the asking price of a used boat may be there are certain times when negotiations may be received more favorably than others. So, to get started in learning how to purchase a used boat you will need to start with a used boat value check.

Online Guides:

There are several ways you can determine the value of a specific boat. Since boats do not usually have a fixed asking price, it may sometimes be difficult to determine a fair market value. Checking with online websites like Bucvalu.com, NADAGuides.com, ABOS Marine Blue Book or Boats.com can at least give you a figure from which you can start your negotiations from. While these guides can give you used boat price & value check estimates, it is important to understand that these figures are based on averages and without actually seeing the physical boat can only give you a ballpark figure of its true value.

In-Person Inspection:

Once you have the estimated value of the boat you're considering it's time for an inspection. If you're not knowledgeable about boats and how to identify potential problems in used boats it may be worth your while to pay for an official inspection. This way you can be sure that any potential issues with the boat are identified. This information can be a useful tool when you're ready to start the negotiations.

Tips On Buying Used Boats:

Even with a relatively accurate used boat price & value check there are still reasons to be concerned about the quality and condition of the boat. It may appear sound and clean but just like with used cars it is not always easy to tell. Always keep in mind that you should never buy boats from private parties without making a thorough inspection and getting a full financial history and list of past owners. If you do not do your due diligence you may end up discovering later that the boat you've just purchased has been stolen. It's a common practice for some con men to haul a stolen boat from one state to the next and then sell it. With the absence of a national database it could be easy to sell a boat in another region without anyone getting suspicious but those who are efficient in their research will make sure that everything is done properly before they decide to make a final purchase.

Buying a used boat could be a great way to get on the water without paying for the hefty prices of new vessels. However, it is not always easy to find a good deal without taking necessary precautions ahead of time but when you do, you're likely to end up with a boat that everyone will be able to enjoy whenever they want to.