Over the years there has been a change in pontoon boats. They are no longer the clunky looking boxes that float on water. Today’s pontoons are both stylish and versatile so that they can be used in all sorts of activities on the water. They are bigger with wide and spacious platforms where everyone can have a little fun. So when it’s time to look for pontoon boats for sale there’s a lot more involved in finding the right one than you might think.


One of the first things you want to consider is the size for the type of activities you plan to do. Pontoons between 16′ – 19′ can hold up to 6 people comfortably and perform best on calm lake water. Larger sizes with 20′ – 22′ decks perform well on either lakes or rivers and can handle small waves easily. If you expect a lot of boat traffic look for ones with tubes that have a diameter of 25″ for the best performance. These boats will accommodate up to 10 people without that crowded feeling.

Larger decks, 23′ – 25′, provide even more room to move around in and can still give you a smooth ride even in rough waters. These can hold up to 15 people comfortably.

Your Activity:

Fishing is the primary activity done on pontoon boats with 60% or more of people choosing that as their favorite option. If you plan to fish a lot look for models that have at least 2 fishing chairs and a live well for storing your catch. Some even come with a handy fish locator so you can even find the best spot for fishing when you go out.

If you plan to engage in other activities with your boat, look for models that have removable fishing chairs so you can have extra space when you need it.


When looking for pontoon boats for sale it’s always a good idea to set your budget well before you begin to shop around. Since there are so many variations in sizes, amenities, and features the cost can vary greatly. Things that can affect the cost of a pontoon boat are brand, options, horsepower, speed, and additional amenities. Just like a car, you have to narrow down your specific needs before you can pinpoint a price range that can fit within your specific budget.

If this is your first purchase of a pontoon, try to go for something simple until you get the hang of maneuvering it, and using it on the water. When you are ready for an upgrade, you should be able to sell it or trade it in on a number of other pontoon boats for sale. Whether you choose to buy new or used, pontoons are a relatively easy way to get out and enjoy life on the water. Still, the more knowledge you gain about these boats before you make a decision will help you to settle into the new way to spend your time. Just keep in mind that taking your time and analyzing all aspects of boat buying will pretty much guarantee that your new investment will be the right one.