Finding out what the best car is, regardless of type, is a subjective opinion. You can find various Top 10 Best Small SUV's lists all over the internet. What is undeniable is that compact SUVs are particularly popular in snowier parts of the country because they give ground clearance. At the same time, they appeal to those in the southern states, because they have so much cargo space and allow people to sit high up. Before actually looking at one of the accepted lists of top 10 best small SUV's, let's take a look at some specifics that are widely agreed to be some of the best.

New SUVs:

One very popular SUV is the Hyundai Tucson, which saw a full redesign this year. Meanwhile, the year 2017 will see a brand new Kia Sportage. In addition, the Mitsubishi Outlander Sport, Subaru Forester, GMC Terrain, Chevy Equinox, Toyota RAV4, and Mazda CX-5 have all had upgrades. For instance, there is now even a RAV4 hybrid model, which is the first hybrid SUV in its class.

Midsize Sedan or Compact SUV?

Another question is whether to choose a midsize sedan or a compact SUV. The price difference is negligible between these two. SUVs have more boot space, and they can be used as a small moving van as well. Plus, they allow you to sit higher, can be all-wheel drive, and give more ground clearance. On the other hand, the midsize sedan is more fuel efficient, handles and rides better, and has more space on the backseat.

The Fuel and Power Issue:

If you are looking for a small SUV, you can now choose a hybrid model, being the Toyota RAV4 Hybrid. If you like a diesel, however, you will struggle. In terms of horsepower, the standard is the Volkswagen Tiguan, with 200 turbocharged horsepower. The GMC Terrain and Chevy Equinox lead the segment with 301 horsepower through their V6 engines. Meanwhile, you can opt for the Nissan Rogue, Mazda CX-5, or Honda CR-V if you want to have the best fuel economy, offering an average of 33 highway miles per gallon. The RAV4 Hybrid, of course, shines when it comes to fuel economy, but that is a hybrid. Alternatively, you can choose the brand new 2016 Hyundai Tucson, which comes with an Eco trim. This also meets 33 highway miles per gallon.

Other Options:

If none of the vehicles mentioned above sound like they are your type of thing, you may want to take a look at the Subaru Outback or the Jeep Wrangler. The latter is highly capable with off road driving, and the first is really tall. Both are compact SUVs, but with a difference. Or you could consider vehicles like the Mazda CX-3, the Chevrolet Trax, or the Honda HR-V, which are vehicles in the new "sub-compact" SUV vehicles, spearheaded by the Nissan Juke.

And now, we have the:

List of the Top 10 Best Small SUV's

1. Jeep Cherokee

2. Mazda CX-5

3. Chevrolet Equinox

4. Ford Escape

5. GMC Terrain

6. Honda CR-V

7. Hyundai Tucson

8. Kia Sportage

9. Mitsubishi Outlander Sport

10. Nissan Rogue