The BBB, or Better Business Bureau, is made up of a group of private teams within the US and Canada that often work together to help ensure a fair and reliable marketplace for businesses and consumers. These organizations help to gather information relating to reliability, fraud, and the ethical behavior of business to make sure that the public knows about business problems and scams. Additionally, it is possible to file a complaint with the BBB to make sure that you do your part in helping to improve the modern marketplace.

Filing a Complaint:

Before you file a complaint with the BBB, most organizations will recommend that you attempt to resolve the issue that you have with a particular company yourself. Usually, this means contacting the company that has caused the problem, and speaking to them about your problem. For example, you might be able to request a refund for an item that you feel doesn't match the description given.

Once you have attempted to communicate with the business once, you will be required to attempt to contact them through written communication if the issue was not resolved. Not only will writing a letter about your concerns help to offer the vendor an additional chance to deal with the problem, but you will also have documentation which you can show to the BBB when you file your complaint.

Through your letter, you will need to identify the issue encountered and what you hope to get from the company in the form of a resolution. You will also be able to provide a small amount of information that covers the measures taken to resolve the issue in the past. Here, it is a good idea to include as much detail as possible about your circumstances, including where you attempted to make contact, and the dates in which you tried to communicate with the business.

Keep As Much Evidence as Possible:

Chances are that if your first attempt to resolve the problem with your vendor was not successful, a second attempt using written documents will not succeed either. However, it's worth noting that putting your complaint into a letter will ensure that you have written documentation that proves evidence of your complaint. Make sure that when you file a complaint with the BBB, you keep a copy of all the documents that you used, preferably signed.

Remember, the BBB will only be happy to accept and investigate complaints in certain circumstances. If your issues meet their requirements and guidelines, then they will generally do their best to help ensure that the matter is resolved, or inform other people about the potential problem in the future. However it is important to note that the BBB will not deal with claims surrounding the problem of discrimination, and they will not look into arbitrated, litigated or employer and employee disputes. The BBB will not take part in complaints that are issued against people who are not directly involved with a business, and they are unwilling to engage in issues that are not related to the marketplace in general.