Although the world is full of businesses that have incredible value to offer their patrons and customers, there are plenty of companies out there that are willing to make a profit by any means necessary – even if that would mean tricking their customers out of their hard earned cash. Perhaps the best system that currently exists for promoting a trustworthy business network for both companies and consumers alike, is the BBB – or the Better Business Bureau. Its website provides information not only on the business you may be considering working with, but also reviews and testimonials from previous clients, as well as ratings on what you might expect from their level of service. Usually, the BBB website can help a customer to make a more informed decision about their purchases – particularly when dealing with a largely unknown company.

Reporting Scams

Often, if we fall victim to a scam, or manage to spot one without being damaged ourselves, we like to know that there are options available for us to inform other people about this problem, and make sure that no-one else falls for the issue in question. Fortunately, the Better Business Bureau has made it easier than ever for consumers to fill out reports on potential scams. All you need to do to get involved is visit the Better Business Bureau website, and discover a simple online form that is ready for you to complete. The form has a few simple questions that shouldn't take up too much of your time. All you'll need to do is describe the scam in question, talk about where you discovered it or heard about it, and describe what the scam may have asked you to do.

There are even options available for consumers to send the bureau some screenshots or email if they believe that such resources may be helpful.

What Happens When You Report A Scam?

Typically, the Better Business Bureau will pay particularly close attention to scams where individuals stand to lose a lot of money, or scams that have specific targets – such as children or senior citizens. The information that is sent to the website is then used to compile a report, wherein the information will be analyzed, and crucial data will be shared with members of the community.

Sometimes, if the details of a scam are particularly bad, the BBB may decide to talk to the media about it, to ensure that as many people as possible are made aware of the potential threat. Usually, their news industry partners will have the resources and skills available to get the word out quickly to a broad audience.

A Better Future?

Now that it has been made simpler and more convenient to tell the BBB about a potential scam, they hope that more consumers will be willing to help care for their fellow men. Although the bureau is trying to create a more trustworthy marketing industry, it cannot do it alone, and needs the help of other people. Getting involved and informing the bureau about the details of a scam could stop that issue from negatively effecting your family, hurting your friends, or damaging your local community.