The Functional And Useful Evernote App:

One of the things that get better and better with every new release is the Evernote app. With some great features for organizing, finding, and editing notes, Evernote is a clear winner on all fronts, and the Web app is an integral part of it because it does what Evernote promised, that you can get to your content from virtually anywhere.

Let’s do an Evernote review. The application that works very well, and differently, on your desktop computers, mobile phones, and over the web too. Evernote is a great note-taking application. This Evernote review takes you on a journey to understand that everything you do on your phone and on your computer gets synchronized to your Evernote account on the Web. Since it synchronizes as soon as you log on, and regularly thereafter, reinstalling the software or losing data because of a crash will never a problem hereafter.

A well-known and giant competitor to Evernote is OneNote by Microsoft. Evernote and OneNote are not identical in their features, but quite the same in functionality at the basic level. Both have down loadable versions in addition to their Web versions. But overall, though, Evernote subdues OneNote when it comes to organize, find, and edit your notes.

More importantly, Evernote integrates well with dozens of other third-party tools, not to mention other useful apps and plug-ins under the Evernote umbrella (for example, Evernote Web clipper is a browser plug-in that quickly saves the contents of a Web page without making you copy and paste anything). The service is just too good.

Evernote application just gets on you easily or you struggle to understand. In short, Evernote incorporates a text editor, photo upload tool, and voice recording device, and you mix these core components individually or as a combo, to upload content to your account.

This super program saves all of your thoughts, notes, recipes, photos—whatever and where ever you upload—in the cloud so that you can use them on the fly from your computer, smart phone, tablet, or really anywhere you have an Internet connection and a browser with Evernote’s Web app. And the Evernote application running on your camera phone will automatically upload your snapshots to the Evernote server, thereby creating a useful archive which you can enjoy later.

But the one feature that stands out is that it also does OCR of your images for you to find them later by searching for text in them. This tool will come in handy to click pictures of products you see in a store and want to remember, to grab whiteboards in meetings, and snap pictures of people with name tags at meetings. This utility might just be your life changer and reading this Evernote review topples note that this Web-based text editor is not keystroke compatible with its sibling the PC-based editor.

The free version of Evernote lets you accomplish a lot, and this Evernote review would only recommend that you upgrade to the premium edition if Evernote will be your only note-making app. But the decision to stick with Evernote is not a difficult one. It’s the best note-taking app you’ll find, in part because it integrates with many other programs and services, but also because of its thoughtful features and excellent search tools that will be of immense help.

The free version offers 40MB per month for uploading and an OCR performance that is unpredictable; while the premium version for $45 a year buys you a 500MB per month allowance, priority OCR, better security features, and the most important support. Happy Evernoteing!