Once upon a time, the only way to get a telephone number, other than by being given it, would be to know somebody’s name and address. This would be achieved either by using the telephone book, or by phoning a type of directory inquiry. Today, with the internet being all around us, things have changed significantly. Now, it is possible and, in fact, very easy to search phone number by address. This will allow you to find anyone you want with great ease.

Why You May Want to Search Phone No by Address:

The most obvious reason as to why you may want to look up someone’s phone number if you only have their address is because you want to reconnect with a long lost friend or family member. Their names may no longer be as you remember them because they got married or divorced, meaning the traditional channels will not work, nor will it be possible to find them through social media.

And sometimes, the reasons would be slightly less altruistic. For instance, a private detective may need to find someone’s telephone number without knowing the name of the person at that address at all. This could be as part of an ongoing investigation, following up on a lead or organizing a stakeout.

How to Search Phone No by Address:

There are many different ways to find somebody’s phone number when you only have their address. There are various websites that offer this service in particular, as well as providing you with various other pieces of information, such as how long somebody has lived at a certain address and who lived there prior to them. In most cases, these services are not free and you will have to register for them. Looking up the different reverse phone lookup services, as they are known, will give you an opportunity to find the one that is most affordable and most relevant to your need. Some, for instance, will also be able to provide you with cell phone numbers.

Registering for one of these sites is very easy to do. In fact, most private investigators are registered with a wealth of them, which will tell you just how good they actually are. In many cases, these services will even be able to provide you with unlisted telephone numbers, which are impossible to get through any other means.

How to Use Reverse Telephone Services:

The databases that these services offer are huge. Furthermore, they are updated constantly, as they link to various other databases, including census records, court records, birth records and more. All you need to do, once you have registered, is enter the address that you are searching for, and all this information will become available to you. While you may only have been looking for their home telephone number, you will actually be provided with various other pieces of interesting and useful information.

It will only take you a few moments to perform your search and you will have a wealth of data at your finger tips. You can use this not just to look up people, but also to look up businesses that are located at a certain address. If it is a domestic property, you will learn how many people reside at that address, what their date of birth is and how old they are, who lived at the property before them and the all-important telephone number.