The Internet has been a great help to people who are trying to claim unclaimed cash. There are now many websites that are free and easy to navigate that help you get your unclaimed cash quickly. There are billions of dollars of unclaimed cash sitting in government bank accounts, and about 1 in every 10 Americans has a right to some of that money. It is worth it to check out the large number of websites that provide services in finding your unclaimed money. You can get your money with just a few easy steps, and some of the websites that you go to will only need your name, and for you to verify your address. Some websites may need you to provide a social security number, but you will not need to go digging through old documents in order to find your unclaimed cash.

To start, you should find out if you are eligible for unclaimed money. You can find unclaimed money from many different places, including: old bank accounts, bonds, stocks, uncased checks, trust funds, escrow accounts, government benefits, or inheritance. You can even look for life insurance policies, safe deposit boxes, and old security deposits on apartments that you may have not gotten back. If you even have the slightest thought that you may have unclaimed cash from any of these resources, you should start a search for your money.

There are many websites that you can go to in order to begin your search for unclaimed cash. The most popular one is, which is a website of the National Association of Unclaimed Property Administrators, or NAUPA. On this website, you will click on the state that you are inquiring about unclaimed money, and the site will direct you to the state government treasury department’s website. You can also go to, where you will simply enter your name and state, and they will show you all the results that come up with that information. You will see if it is you based on the address that accompanies the name. Another good website that you can go to is, which breaks everything down into categories based on what type of unclaimed cash you are looking for, and provides websites based on each category.

Since each site is different, and each type of unclaimed cash is different, you will need to follow the specific set of directions that are given to you on the site that you have visited. Sometimes you can claim money online and provide the documents that are required. Other times, you can claim the money through the mail by filling out a claim form and having it notarized. Also, the way to claim your money may differ depending on the amount of money you are claiming, it may take longer or you may need to provide more documentation. The more money you are receiving will most likely result in more time and more documents.

Finding and claiming your unclaimed money is easier than ever before because of the Internet. By following these steps, and following the directions of the specific site you used, you will get your money quickly, and not have to worry about your unclaimed money sitting in any other account but your own.