Spending money seems like a daily occurrence for most people throughout the world. With the ease of debit and credit cards, people are just swiping their cards without giving their finances a second thought. People have often started declining their receipts from their purchases because they can simply look at their bank account online and see how much they are spending. The website could make a mistake, or you could be charged incorrectly at the store, so keeping receipts is key. People have stopped managing their money and they are getting into financial trouble because of their spending habits. This is where money management comes in. Many people do not want to take the time to manage their money. Luckily, there are many great apps for your phone that will do the work for you. If you want to start managing your money better, you may want to download one of the following money management apps.

1.)  Mint.com

This is a free application for iOS, Android and Windows phones, so almost every single smartphone has this app. It syncs all of your accounts into one place, including your bank account, mutual funds and your retirement account, whether that is a 401(k) account, or an IRA. There is an overview section that allows you to get monthly totals, monthly budgets, credit score, and even your spending habits broken down by category. You can even get alerts as to when you are over budget in certain categories. You will get an alert in either text or e-mail forms when you hit a budget that you have made for yourself. This app shows you all of your cash flow as you spend it. This means you can track deposits, investments, expenses and cash as long as you enter the purchase manually when you have spent cash.

2.) Digit.CO

This app is also free, which helps when people are trying to maintain a budget. This application is a bit different from the other applications that are out there because it teaches you how to budget while putting money away into a savings account, or an emergency fund. This app will link your checking account to a digit savings account. Every few days, it will transfer a small amount of money from checking into savings account. This will help app users learn their spending habits so that they will not accidentally overdraw an account. It will teach you how to budget correctly, but also to pay yourself as well.

3.) GoodBudget

Another free app that is available to iOS and Android users, GoodBudget, is easy to navigate and helps people who are ready to start a budget based on the amount of money they make and spend. You can use the envelopes section of the app to divide up your monthly budget and understand your spending habits in each area of your life, like gas, groceries, rent, cell phone bill, and entertainment. There is also an irregular option that lets you track spending that is not routine, like if you have a freelance job and get paid at different intervals compared to what non-freelance jobs would pay.

4.) Mvelopes

This app combines the benefits from both the mint app, as well as the GoodBudget app. They will sync up all of your accounts, and then they will give you the option to create different envelopes for your different areas of spending. You will “fill” your different envelopes with a certain amount of money, and that will divide your paycheck and the money in your account to see just how your money is being budgeted. You will be spending based on a budget rather than your net worth or how much is in the accounts.

5.) BillGuard

This app has a unique feature that will help you protect your cards from fraud and unauthorized transactions. The app will allow you to sync up all of your different accounts, and then will tell you what your total balance is and the amount that you have spent over the month. You will get a notification when there has been a purchase made, and you will either swipe right if you have made the transaction, or swipe left if you have not made the transaction. You can press the Analytics button, which breaks down all of your spending per category. This app is free and is available for iOS and Android.