No matter what you want to do with the government, you can be sure that there will be paperwork involved, a lot of paperwork. Whether you're applying for a student loan or filing your income taxes there will always be a form to fill out and sometimes quite a few forms. Whether you walk into a government office and request a form or you go online and look up the form you need to download, you'll be happy to know that the form is free. While the government may impose a fee on a lot of things, you can pretty much count on the fact that you will be able to find free government forms for you to submit.

Where to Find Them

If you choose to use a law service or a tax preparer to help you fill out your forms, you'll be charged a fee. However, those fees are more than likely for the services they provide and not for the forms that they use. No agency or service should be charging you for the forms you receive. Whether you're preparing your taxes, filing a healthcare claim, applying for a passport or anything else, you should expect to get the forms for free.

Print Online

If you plan to do all your government paperwork yourself, you can go straight to the government agency to get the forms you need. The easiest way is to visit the appropriate website, find the form you need, and then download and print them yourself. Even if you're not sure of the right form, the site you go to should be able to direct you to the appropriate form by simply asking you a few basic questions. One of the nicest features of finding the forms online is that many agencies now give you the ability to fill-out and sign the form online. This simplifies many of the government paperwork that may be involved.

Mailed Forms

You can also request free government forms to be mailed directly to your home. These requests can be made online or you can call the appropriate office to get them. Most services will allow you to request as many as 10 different forms at one time. If you choose to get your forms this way, you will have to allow a minimum of 15 days for them to process the request and get them out to you so if you're in a hurry you might want to go to the online approach.

People can get their free government forms in a variety of ways. Whether you choose to find them online, get them by mail, or just walk into an office to get the paperwork you need, you can be confident that they are always going to be free. We all know that dealing with the government requires us to put in a lot of paperwork. Those who realize this from the beginning will have a plan in place to ensure that the forms they need are always available, up to date, and prepared properly.