Nobody wants to fly coach when they could be in business class, especially if they are on a long flight, nonstop or otherwise. Fortunately, discounted business class tickets are something that you can gain access to without being a VIP and without overspending on your travel budget.

Try Frequent Flyer Discounts

The number one way to get regular upgrades, especially if you fly often, without spending upgraded prices is by joining a frequent flyer program. As you fly and earn miles toward your next trip, you can also earn points towards upgrades and other perks. It can also give you a pretty good chance at upgrading during check-in, or for getting closer to the front of the line for expensive seats that haven't been filled yet. You might find that for some airlines their upgraded seats don't cost anything at all to switch over from the seat that you've already paid for. Unfortunately, the one downside to getting discounted business class tickets this way is that you must be a pretty regular flyer; otherwise these points won't get racked up and will be virtually worthless.

Knowing Those On Top

Okay, so maybe not completely on top, but if you have connections with anybody who works at the airport or at a travel agency, you may be able to get an upgrade or two from time to time at no extra cost. Of course, this only works for people who work in jobs that are given upgrade vouchers or special privileges when selecting flight seating. However, even if you don't have a friend in booking, you can always call the airline through which you have booked, and ask if any upgrades are available at low prices, or for free. If you're traveling on a non-peak time you may get lucky. If you don't ask, you'll never know.

Special Occasions

This trick doesn't work every time, but if you're on a honeymoon or it's a special occasion, you might be able to request an upgrade. If the airline can't upgrade your seat, they will still usually treat you to one or two special services that business class passengers usually count on, such as free champagne, hot towels, or more exciting meal options. You may need a copy of your marriage certificate or other documentation for proof of why you deserve discounted business class tickets, but you might be surprised at how nice some airlines are about wanting to give back to their clients.

Online Search Options

Finally, the most commonly utilized method of seeking out discounted business class tickets is entering a quick search for them online. If you haven't yet purchased a ticket, you can start by typing something like "cheap business class upgrade" or "business class ticket sale" into the search engine. You may also find tabs on specific airline websites that give clearance and sale options for seats going in the direction you want to go. In some cases these might be for specific dates only which means moving your flight by a week or so, but other times you can get lucky, and find a number of seat sales that will make your flight more comfortable without any additional money spent.