It's easy to waste away the hours browsing through people's posts on Facebook, or surfing Pinterest for cool new craft projects. There is no denying that social media can be endlessly entertaining. In fact, many people find that they spend hours each day on Twitter, Instagram, and other social platforms. Here are some reasons to spend less time on social media.

1.) It's A Distraction From Real Work.

Real work has a purpose. We contribute to the success of an organization or project, and in return get money to fund our desired lifestyle. Spending time surfing social media doesn't make a contribution, and pays no return. Think how much more you could accomplish if you spent that time productively.

2.) It's Better To Keep Some Things Private.

Everybody doesn't need to know where you had lunch, or see a picture of that fabulous pasta dish. Social media leads many people to over-sharing. There can be security concerns, too. If everyone on Twitter knows you're on a cruise in Alaska, your home could be vulnerable to thieves.

3.) Status Updates Don't Tell The Real Story.

Keeping up with friends through short status updates gives you a very limited view of what is really happening with them. You may see that they just started a new job, and give it a Like. Wouldn't it be better to have a real conversation with them, so you can understand their struggles and successes?

4.) You Don't Need Any More Cute Animal Videos.

It's amazing how many cute videos that are out there of people's cats, dogs, hamsters, and other pets. They're entertaining, but ultimately watching more of these videos does not add to your life. It's more rewarding to get a pet yourself.

5.) We Start To View Life In Terms of Facebook Posts.

Rather than enjoying an experience on its own terms, some people think of how they can post it on Facebook or Instagram. They spend time looking for the perfect photo angle, and coming up with a witty caption. This can distract you from enjoying the moment itself.

6.) Rants And Flames Make People Upset.

People get into negative conversations on social media every day, bashing public figures on either side of the political spectrum, and arguing incessantly over their viewpoints. Keep your blood pressure down by avoiding this bad behavior.

7.) It Leads To Shallow Self-Validation.

Posting photos from the half marathon you just ran gives you an acceptable way to brag in public, seeking validation and congratulations from your friends online. Measuring your value in terms of how many acquaintances click Like is a pretty shallow validation, though.

8.) It Can Lead To Lower Self-Esteem.

Everyone presents a distorted view of themselves on social media. When you see a friend having a fancy cocktail at that fabulously expensive resort, it's easy to compare yourself to them. This can lower people's self-esteem.

9.) It's No Substitute For Real Life.

Every hour you spend on social media is an hour that you could be doing something else. You could be running, or playing the piano, or learning a new language. You could be out socializing with real people, and building deep, meaningful relationships. Wouldn't that be better than wasting another hour on Twitter?