Instagram is a photo-sharing, video-sharing online app, that allows members to upload their photos or videos and edit them using digital filters that they can share on social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, and more. The Instagram popular page contains photos and videos that are constantly shuffling according to the selection and algorithms of photos that you liked. Instagram is certainly one of the most popular and downloaded apps on the web. After being bought out by Facebook, their downloads have skyrocketed.

Instagram has over 225 million users and growing, and the team makes sure that each member has a fair chance of having their photos appear on the popular page. A particular formula is used to select the photos that get to appear on the Instagram page and not just by the count of likes a photo gets. It’s the most recent and interesting photos that get to appear on the Instagram popular page, along with a complex algorithm.

The number of likes is not the determinant of the photos to get to the page. The formula is constantly being tweaked to display interesting photos from all of the members in Instagram.

A user gets alerted through a notification when their photo makes it to the page. Also, users receive a message when their photos have made it to the page as well.

To get their photos featured in the Instagram popular page, a user has to take great photos. The photos must be clear, not blurred and fuzzy. It is of paramount importance to also take photos of different kinds such as travel photos, fashion photos, inspiring shots, pets (especially cats and dogs) and good-looking kids. If a user tries the above genres, they are certainly more likely to appear on the popular page.

In the first half hour of uploading, the more likes one user gets, the easier they will be noticed by the Instagram team and algorithm. The more the number of followers a user has, the more likely they are to get multiple likes for their photos within a short time, gaining them attention from the app and it's algorithm. To increase a users number of followers, a member can participate in challenges, for example, ‘My Photo A Day’, comment on other users’ photos and stay active and involved in topics of discussions. Also hash tags are huge for gaining notice as well, so keep that in mind next time you are "instagramming".

Another way to know when you get to the popular page is that the number of likes your photos get, instantly increases. The number of followers will most likely also multiply because when people get to see the photos and like them, they most likely would follow the owner of the photos.

One challenge of being on the Instagram popular page is that your news feed may become flooded since spammers increased.

What are your thoughts on the instagram popular page? Do you visit it daily or often? Let us know what you think and if it's a useful function on the instagram platform.