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What To Do If You Have Suffered From A Heart Attack

Make sure to have a plan of action and educate yourself on heart attack symptoms if there is a history of heart problems in the family. Taking the right steps if you or a loved one has a heart attack can ensure the safety and survival of the victim.

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4 Hard To Recognize Heart Attack Symptoms

There are a lot of well-known symptoms of heart attacks, such as radiating or shooting pain up and down the left arm, and severe chest pain. However, there are quite a few other ways in which your body can indicate there is a serious problem going on, possibly with your heart. These are known as hard to recognize heart attack symptoms, not in the least because they can be symptomatic of a variety of other conditions as well. However, there are four so called “silent” heart attack symptoms that you should be aware of. You only have one heart, after all.

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Understanding 5 Subtle Heart Attack Symptoms

Most of us know about some of the major warning signs of a heart attack. However, once those occur, it is often too late and significant damage may already have been done to the heart, which may even result in death. If you know the following 5 subtle heart attack symptoms, however, there is a chance that you can take action sooner and avoid having a full heart attack.

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Heart Attack Symptoms: Knowing Whats An Emergency

Understanding heart attack symptoms and signs to watch out for can help you to protect friends and family members. Be vigilant when somebody close to you mentions dizziness, arm pain, or chest tightness. Encourage him or her to consult with a physician.

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