The U.S. is definitely a country that loves its credit cards. From purchasing groceries, to cars, to a quick bottle of soda at your local convenience store, credit cards make up a vital part of modern society. Airline credit cards or travel rewards cards are a fantastic way for you to earn points which can be used for hotel accommodations, airfares, and even converted to cash. But how do you go about comparing the best airline credit cards? In the bid to get as many customers as possible, credit card companies partner with numerous brands in an attempt to entice consumers with special discounts, bonuses, and more. Here are some tips to help you get the most out of your airline credit card.

Comparing The Best Airline Credit Cards: Sign Up Bonus

A lot of the time, if you choose the right airline credit cards, the bonus sign-up points you get can be enough to get you a free domestic flight, or enough points to upgrade on your next travel. If there's no bonus on the current card that you're looking at, then you may benefit from looking elsewhere, as it can take a long time to get a free flight. Recently, in desperation to get more people to join up, some airline-specific cards are offering huge bonuses that can help you to get a bunch of free flights.

The Points You Earn With An Airline Credit Card

Most of the time, airline credit cards offer a single point for every dollar you spend. However, some options will provide extra points when you shop through certain retailers, or with a particular brand. This can help you to earn points faster.

Airline Credit Cards Annual Fees

When it comes to comparing the best airline credit cards, an important factor to think about is how much you may have to pay on annual fees. Nobody likes having to pay a yearly amount for their benefits, and many of the fees for some company-branded cards can range between $50 and $95 a year. If you travel quite a lot, you may find that getting a card with a fee is worth the price, as it can give you access to a premium rewards scheme, that helps to access more special offers, accumulate points quicker, and get better protection on your travel.

Airline Credit Cards Conversion Fees

A lot of airline credit cards charge a fee of approximately 3% when you decide to use them overseas, or in a different country. Credit cards can be a great option for cash, because they offer a good exchange rate, but if you're paying out a fee every time you utilize your card, then you're not getting the most out of the benefits. There are some cards that offer you the option to avoid foreign fees altogether, but the rewards structure usually isn't as good. You may have to take the time to do some research and make some compromises if you think that you will be using your card out of the country quite often. In the end, the choice you make will come down to personal preference.