Trust is an important part of a relationship.  You want to give your partner the benefit of the doubt, but sometimes you sense that something is not right.  You notice your husband acting oddly now and then, and wonder, are these signs he is cheating on me?  Or you wonder why your girlfriend is getting odd phone calls, and wonder, could those be signs she is cheating on me?

Here are some signs your partner is cheating on you.  None of them are definitive on their own, but if you see a pattern emerge with several of these, be on the lookout.

1.) Odd Phone Behavior.

Are there unexplained calls at odd hours?  Does she get a phone call and immediately step outside?  Has he started taking his phone into the bathroom with him?  These could be signs your partner is cheating.

2.) Changed Habits.

If your boyfriend always comes home at the same time, eats, and turns on his favorite show, that is your baseline.  If he suddenly starts going for walks, turning in early, or otherwise changes his habits, you may start thinking, are these signs he is cheating on me?  Perhaps.

3.) Dressing Better.

If your wife usually dresses casually in jeans and a t-shirt, but all of a sudden is wearing heels and makeup to go run errands, this could be a warning sign.  If your husband starts polishing his shoes, something may be up.  A sudden interest in looking more attractive can be a sign.

4.) Low Sex Drive.

If your sex life has suddenly shifted into low gear, and she seems like she'd rather do the laundry than get intimate, it's time to start wondering, are those signs she is cheating on me?

5.) Getting Healthier.

Of course you want your partner to eat right, stay fit and trim, and keep themselves healthy.  If they suddenly decide to become a vegetarian, or take up running even though they said they hated it before, then there could be a reason they're getting in shape besides the health benefits.

6.) Different Work Schedule.

Using the "honey, I've got to work late tonight" excuse is a time-honored way to take time for an affair.  Of course, sometimes your partner really does need to work late.  However, if you see this happening together with some of the other signs, pay attention.

7.) New Spending Habits.

If your partner is typically a budget-conscious shopper, but is suddenly spending money on designer clothes, upscale accessories, or expensive toys like a new motorcycle, then it could be because they are trying to impress somebody.

8.) Passwords And Secrecy.

If your partner is acting suddenly secretive, it can be cause for concern.  If they never used a password on their phone before, but they do now, then they may be hiding something.  The password itself isn't a problem, it's the change in behavior that is a red flag.

9.) New Credit Cards.

This can be a sign that your partner is spending money on someone else, and they do not want you to know about it.

10.) Facebook.

Some people have no common sense when it comes to Facebook.  Many affairs have been given away by indiscreet posts, likes, tweets, and photos on social media.