Some people say that a long distance relationship is doomed for failure. Other experts disagree, and think that as long as both people are willing to work at it, such a relationship can be successful.  If you are in this situation, here's how to make a long distance relationship work.

1.) Call Every Day.

Communication is critical when you want to make a long distance relationship work.  When you never see each other, it's too easy to fall into that "out of sight, out of mind" status.  Talking to each other on the phone every day is a good way to keep the connection alive and make sure that doesn't happen.  Try to set a regular schedule for calls when you can.  If you are in different countries, options like Skype can minimize the cost.

2.) Text Frequently.

When you're in a business meeting or other setting where you can't talk on the phone, send a quick text instead.  It is actually a good thing to exchange numerous texts every day with your loved one.  It keeps you in touch with what the other person is doing, and lets you easily share little pieces of your life.  At some point, texting could turn to sexting too, which can add some spice to your long distance relationship.

3.) Exchange Trips To See Each Other.

A great way to make a long distance relationship work, is to shorten that distance whenever you can.  Take a trip to visit your sweetheart, or have them take a trip to visit you.  This works best if you can take turns doing the traveling.  If one person is always the one who travels, it can start to seem like they are the one putting all the effort into the relationship.  It's also fun when you both fly to somewhere in between, and share a romantic weekend together.

4.) Send Gifts.

When you send your long distance lover a present, it shows them that you're still thinking about them.  It will make them think about you, too, even if they're on the other side of the country.  Sending a woman flowers is always appreciated, but if you send a personal gift, something that reflects the connection between the two of you, it will have more meaning. 

5.) Share Your Lives. 

When you are together, you share all the little moments of life, like watching movies together, listening to music, or enjoying a much-needed after work drink.  Try to share as much as you can with your loved one, even when they're far away.  Put on some music, pour a glass of wine, and fire up Skype to share the experience.  You won't feel alone any longer.

6.) Have An End Game.

When you're figuring out how to make a long distance relationship work, it is important to have an end in mind.  You can't just keep going like this forever.  If one of you is on a temporary assignment for six months, that gives you an end point to look forward to, when things can get back to normal.  If there isn't such a defined end, then what is your plan?  Will one of you move?  Will you break up?  Talk about where you want your relationship to end up.