There are many sources of conflict in a relationship, and different views on fitness can be one of them. If one person is serious about getting into shape, while the other is content to sit on the couch eating potato chips, it can create a real problem. You'd like to get them motivated to work out like you do, but how can you do that? Here are some tips.

1.) Explain Your Own Reasons

Sometimes your partner can feel threatened by your new focus on fitness. There are all sorts of reasons that they may not be enthusiastic about your new commitment to getting in shape. They might be worried that it will take time away from other activities that you used to enjoy, or that your new healthy lifestyle will mean they have to give up some things that they like. Sit down with them and explain your reasons. Let them know that you want to stay healthy so that you can be strong for the both of you and live a long, healthy life.

2.) Don't Put Them On The Defensive

Sometimes, your spouse or significant other will interpret what you are doing as a criticism of them. If you are now active and working out frequently, the comparison between the two of you can make them feel ashamed about their own unhealthy choices. This can make them resent what you are doing, or even dig in their heels to avoid making changes. Do your best to present your own reasons for getting healthy, without putting pressure on your partner. They need to make their own decisions, and if they feel you are forcing them into something, it may not go well.

3.) Find Meaningful Goals

The goals that matter to you may not matter to your partner. They need to find their own personal goals. The goal can drive the motivation; so finding a goal that resonates for your significant other is a big step to propelling them on the road to fitness. This could be achieving a recommended weight that the doctor said was important, or something simple like looking great in a swimsuit for an upcoming vacation. The important point is that it has meaning and can provide inspiration for them.

4.) Make It Fun

The more fun that people have while they're getting in shape, the easier it is for them to get going, and the more likely they are to stick with it. If your partner hates going to the gym, see what other activities they might prefer. Some people enjoy running, others like the calmness of yoga, and still others enjoy outdoor challenges like rock climbing.

5.) Help Sustain The Momentum

When somebody decides to get fit, the first steps are often difficult; however, sustaining the effort over a longer term can be a challenge too. Do what you can to keep them on track with their health and fitness efforts. Give them a little boost of motivation now and then when they need it, or help them try out new activities that they may not be familiar with. The time you spend helping them can bring enormous benefits to your relationship.