Dating is confusing. What does it mean if he hasn't called in 3 days, or didn't answer my text? Are these signs he's not that into me? It can be painful to discover, but here are 10 signs your partner is not into you.

1.) They Don't Want To Talk To You.

If your partner has little interest in talking to you, it can be a bad sign.  Of course, some people don't like talking on the phone at all, but if you see this combined with other signs, it could be a bad thing.

2.) They Don't Have Time For You.

If your partner always spends her weekend "prime time" hanging out with friends instead of with you, it's time to ask yourself "are these signs she's not that into me?"  If she was, she would make it a priority to spend time with you.

3.) Avoiding Eye Contact.

If your partner doesn't maintain eye contact with you, but keeps looking around the room, that's a bad sign.  It's especially true if they also display distancing body language, like moving away from you and crossing their arms.

4.) They're Not Around Much.

This is one of the top 10 signs your partner is not into you.  If they're attracted to you, they will be around you.  They might be flirting, teasing you, or just finding any reason to talk to you.  If they're not around much, they're probably not that into you. 

5.) He Flirts With Everybody.

Say you met a guy who seemed really attracted to you, and you felt like you hit it off.  Later you go out and notice that he flirts with everybody else, too.  If you're thinking "are these signs he's not that into me?", you could be right.

6.) She's Friendly With Everybody.

If you met a woman who seemed interested and friendly, you may think there's relationship potential.  If you see that she treats everybody that way, however, it's time to ask yourself "could these be signs she's not that into me?"

7.) You Don't Get Their Attention And Respect.

If your partner ignores you when you go places together, they're not giving you attention.  If they usually call you late at night when they're drunk, they're not giving you respect.  Both are bad signs.

8.) They Talk To You Like A Friend. 

When people are really into you, they talk to you in a different way than they talk to their other friends.  There's a special tone in their voice that gives away the connection.  If that's missing, they may not be into you.

9.) They Don't Talk About Feelings.

Once you've gone out a few times and the relationship starts to build, it's normal to start expressing some feelings towards the other person.  If they don't mention it, there may be no feelings.

10.) They Tell You About Other People They Like.

This is a clear-cut sign.  If he tells you about other girls he likes, he's not into you.  If she tells you how hot some other guy is, she's not into you.  If your partner was really that into you, they wouldn't be telling you about the others.