Age old family loved traditions aren't always loved by everyone, and this can cause some frustration and difficulty during the holiday season. If you find yourself readying the house for the holidays and instead of decking the halls you'd rather be watching T.V. don't fret, there are a few things you can do to make this festive season slightly more bearable.

Gather The Infantry:

It might not be war, but it can certainly feel like a battlefield during the holidays. For this reason it can help to get a team together to help with all of the chores you'd rather not be left doing on your own. Whether this is the staff at work helping plan the holiday office party, or your family at home gathering tinsel for the tree; if you designate tasks to others it makes far less work for yourself. It especially helps if you have people around you who don't hate this time of year, because they will be far more likely to enjoy the job at hand. Make a list of all the things you have to buy, do, decorate, and bake, and delegate the tasks to those on your secret holiday task force. It will be New Year's Day before you know it.

Make The Season As Short As Possible:

Do you know those people who put their lights up in November, have their Christmas shopping completed by December first, and extend the holidays well past New Year Day? You don't have to join them. If you're not a fan of the winter festivities try keeping the tree in lockup until the last minute and don't decorate until you have to. About a week before Christmas throw up a little garland and set up the tree. As long as it's there for the big day, most people in your life won't mind the wait.

Stick To The Internet:

One of the worst things about the holidays is the infernal music and large crowds that begin haunting the malls around the middle of November. If you're not the biggest fan of the hustle and bustle that this holiday brings, try getting as much shopping done online as you possibly can. You can pour yourself a glass of wine, put on your favorite music, sit around in your comfy pajamas and find a few online deals that those mall shoppers are going to miss out on. No holiday tunes on the loud speakers, nobody stepping on your toes in an effort to get the last doll on the shelf, and best of all, no lines.

Find A Buddy:

Big breakfast, big dinner, wash dishes, repeat! This can be the holiday mealtime madness if you don't find a holiday buddy to share the load with. Plan for one big meal and invite a few family friends to the dinner table, ask if they'd like to do a big Christmas Eve brunch at your house and then you could each do a dinner on Christmas Day and New Years at one of the other homes. If each family takes on one large meal it means less cleanup, and far less to hate about the holidays for you.