Learning the best natural adhd treatment for kids is no easy task. All children will have different adhd signs and adhd symptoms so treatment will vary depending on how severe the symptoms are.

School can be a tough time for any child. There are so many different things happening during their childhood, and school is the center of it. This is where they are learning and developing new thoughts and ideas. School is where most of their friends are, and where most of their social interactions take place. For a child with ADD/ADHD, this can be an extremely terrifying place to go. Kids with ADD/ADHD have a hard time focusing, and often have difficulty in social situations, and interacting with their teachers and peers. There are many steps that parents, teachers, and peers alike can take in order to make school a happy and safe place for kids. School should be enjoyable for every child, if they have ADD/ADHD or not, and it is important to remind them of this, and help them reach that level of happiness.

The Best Natural ADHD Treatment For Kids:


One of the first things to remember about children who have ADD/ADHD is that they are not acting the way they act on purpose. It can be very easy to get frustrated with a child who is acting too hyper, or with a teen who refuses to do their homework. If you feel frustrated, walk away from the situation and evaluate it. Make sure to be supportive and helpful, rather than harsh and unsupportive. Children will respond better to positive reinforcement rather than yelling, so make sure to stay on the positive side. Have faith in your child. If you show that you have faith in them, they are more likely to have faith in themselves.

Create Structure And A Schedule:

Kids with ADD/ADHD need structure and a good schedule. Once you establish this schedule and structure, stick to it, and only change it if it is absolutely necessary. With homework, try creating a space that is comfortable for your child, and establish a time frame for them to do it. You can use a timer to show them how much time they have left. This way, they know that they have limited time to get their work done, and they will have the motivation to finish it. If kids know what their schedule is, they will not need to guess about what is coming next, and they will be less distracted.

Force them to exercise and spend time outside:

Kids with ADHD often get fidgety at their desk if they have to stay there for too long. Give kids the chance to get up and run around, go outside and release all that hyperactive energy. This way, they will be more focused when they come back, and will not be as much of a disruption at their desk.

Establish a close relationship:

A parent and teacher relationship is key. Make sure to establish this relationship at the beginning of the school year. You can work together and create goals for your child, as well as understand how your child’s day at school is, and use those same practices and routines at home. Having the relationship with the teacher will be very beneficial to your child because everyone will be on the same page.

Make them comfortable:

Children with ADD/ADHD can succeed in school settings. Talk to your child, understand their concerns and worries, and try and make school and every learning environment as comfortable as possible. Just because a child has a disability does not mean that they cannot do well.


Treatment with supplements may help improve symptoms of ADHD. These supplements include: zinc, L-carnitine, vitamin B-6, magnesium.