When it comes to treating anxiety, there are lots of medications that can bring you relief from the heart pounding, sweaty palms, and nervous ticks you may have. When in the throes of a panic attack you may feel like you'll take anything to get relief but it may come at a cost. Medications for treating anxiety may very well bring you relief but if you choose the wrong one you may find yourself with bigger problems than you started with. There are several things you need to consider before deciding if anxiety medication is the right decision for you.

The Purpose of Anxiety Medication:

It is important to understand the role of medication when treating anxiety. There are many medications that can provide relief from the harsh symptoms that fear can bring on; benzodiazepines are used for short-term relief, while SSRI antidepressants are often prescribed for long-term solutions. These drugs can provide you with relief but they all come with the risk of side effects that can be extremely damaging if you're not careful so before choosing to take these types of anxiety medication it is important that you have a serious talk with your doctor about the risks involved.

And while they can be very effective in treating your anxiety, they will not be a cure for your problem. At best, the relief they bring will be short lived so if you don't take them along with therapy and other more natural forms of treatment you may even end up developing a dependency on them that can cause additional complications to your health.

When Should You Take Anxiety Medication?

Since anxiety medication is not a solution some may wonder if it is worth it for them to take them at all. The answer to that will depend largely on your individual circumstances. There is a proper time and place when medication for anxiety will be necessary for some. For those who are suffering from severe anxiety to the point that normal everyday living is impossible, medication may be the most logical option. If you find that you are unable to function in performing the most basic of tasks this may be the smartest choice.

However, relying solely on anxiety medication is never wise. Your goal should be to wean yourself off the drug as soon as is reasonably possible. It is best used in conjunction with other forms of treatment and allows you time for the more natural processes to take effect.

Consulting With A Doctor:

Medication for an anxiety disorder is not the right decision for everyone and it is certainly not the only answer. Sit down with your doctor and together discuss and evaluate all your possible options before making a decision. Compile the information on side effects, risks, and your overall health together so that you have a clear picture of what you'll have to deal with.

And, if after you begin taking the medication you find that it is not working, don't stay with the medication for longer than you need to. Talk to your doctor and make a switch as soon as possible. Treating anxiety is not always difficult and you may find that your prescription will need to be adjusted often until you find the right medication at the right dosage to give you the help you need.