In the vast majority of cases, those who have upper arm pain has very tight muscle tissue in their neck, shoulders, and arms, leading to trigger points. This is why the best way to find relief for upper arm pain symptoms is through massage. In fact, you can do this yourself, which is one of the best things about it.

Causes of Upper Arm Pain:

Upper arm pain can be caused by a number of different things. Almost always, however, it is nothing serious. You may have rounded shoulders, you may have been rock climbing, you may have been in a car accident, you may have worked too hard in the gym, you may have slept in a bad position, and so on. The list of reasons truly is endless. But what matters is that, regardless of the cause, you can find relief for upper arm pain symptoms through simple self massage. You must understand that the main cause for you experiencing the pain is the tightness in your muscles, which leads to overused trigger points.

Why Choose Self Massage for Relief for Upper Arm Pain Symptoms:

It is almost certain that your pain is caused by a muscular problem. This means that you will get relief from a massage. It is a cheap and effective manner to feel a lot better. This is due to two main reasons:

1. Trigger points remain in the muscular tissue for many years if they are left untreated. Luckily, you can literally squeeze them out of the tissue by massaging yourself. However, you will have to repeat the massage quite regularly if you want to get real relief.

2. Muscle tension is caused by the nervous system, your body's control system, telling them to tense up. When you massage yourself, you effectively tell your nervous system to relax the muscles, letting go of all that unwanted tension. You do this by applying force to your muscles using massage tools, or even just your hands.

Which Muscles Cause the Pain?

While self massage is incredibly beneficial, you could spend hours on it if you don't know which muscle or muscles you're supposed to target. While this may feel nice for a while, you will soon grow tired of it. The following is a list of the most common muscles that are likely to get tight and cause pain in the upper arm. Common sense should help you identify the cause. An office worker, for instance, is likely to need a massage on the neck, whereas a construction worker will need to massage the muscles of the arms themselves. The arm, neck, and shoulder muscles are found to be:

Most Common In:

– Biceps Brachii

– Infraspinatus

– Scaleni

– Subclavius

– Triceps brachii

Less Common In:

– Deltoid

– Brachialis

– Pectoralis minor

– Pectoralis major

– Sternalis

– Supraspinatus

A quick online search should show you where each of these muscles are, helping you to identify which one is most likely to cause you problems right now. If, after self massage and perhaps some over the counter painkillers, the pain does not subside, then you may need to consult with a physician.