Pain in the right arm can be indicative of a huge number of conditions, ranging from a heart attack to a small scratch. Most of the time, what causes right arm pain can be clearly defined and treated, and it often does not require any medical attention, with over the counter remedies being sufficient. However, it is always better to be safe than sorry, and seeking medical attention is needed if your pain is severe or if it does not respond to treatment.

What Causes Right Arm Pain?

Some of the most common causes of right arm pain are:

1. Rotator cuff injuries

2. Arthritis

3. Carpal tunnel syndrome

4. Tennis elbow

5. Heart attacks

6. Dislocations

7. Frozen shoulder

8. Strains and sprains

9. Fractures

10. Rickets

11. Osteoporosis

12. Peripheral vascular disease

13. Peripheral neuropathy

14. Bursitis

15. Ulnar nerve palsy

16. Tendinitis

17. Unstable angina

18. Neuralgia

19. Tenosynovitis

20. Mononeuropathy

21. Coronary artery disease

22. Gout

23. Compartment syndrome

24. Stings and bites

25. Lupus

26. Impetigo

27. Sickle cell anemia

28. Multiple sclerosis

29. Multiple myeloma

30. Raynaud's phenomenon

31. Necrotizing vasculitis

32. Polymyalgia rheumatica

33. Lyme disease

34. Snake bites

35. Rhabdomyolysis

36. Hand, foot, and mouth disease

37. Paget's disease of the bone

38. Polycythemia vera

39. Kawasaki disease

40. Acromegaly

41. Erysipelas

42. Osteomalacia

43. Burns

44. Thoracic outlet syndromes

45. Buerger's disease

These are the most common causes of right arm pain, in order of commonalities. Some of them require immediate emergency medical treatment, as they could lead to death if left untreated. Others require lifetime medical treatment in order to manage the symptoms. Others still do not require medical attention at all and will simply subside by themselves.

That said, if you are ever unsure about what causes right arm pain, if the onset of pain is sudden and severe, if the pain gets worse despite treatment, or if any of your normal functioning is affected, then seeking medical attention should always be considered. A physician will be able to review your medical history and order tests if required to determine what the underlying cause is, and the best way to treat it.

In most cases, right arm pain is a symptom, rather than a condition in itself. This is why medical assistance is so important, as a physician will be able to uncover what the root problem is, and how that can best be resolved and treated. Over the counter remedies and, often, vitamin and mineral supplements are the only truly required treatment. However, although those are available over the counter, you should still speak with a physician, as there may be counter-indications with any medication you are currently taking as well.

Generally speaking, pain in the right arm is not caused by anything sinister. However, when it is caused by more than a simple scratch, burn, or injury, it has the potential to be life threatening. It is always better to be safe than sorry, so seeking medical advice is vital.