Having bed bugs in your home can seem pretty scary. Crawling into bed at night after a long day seems like the most comfortable and safest place in the world. However, if you were to wake up with a lot of bites on your skin, you may be wondering how safe and comfortable your bed really is. Bed bugs can bite you while you are asleep, and the worst part about this is that you probably will not feel the bite. The bite from a bed bug is painless, so it will not wake you from your slumber, and if you are awake, you will still probably not feel it. There are signs and symptoms that come along with the bites from a bed bug, but people often mistake them for a mosquito bite, or a bite from another bug, due to the fact that the bites look similar. There are some specifics that point to a bed bug bite; however, and recognizing these points can be essential to treatment of a bed bug bite.

Bed Bugs Signs And Symptoms:

The bite that comes from a bed bug can be difficult to differentiate from other bug bites. Of course, most of the signs and symptoms that come from a bed bug bite will be on your skin, but there are other signs that point to bed bugs other than the ones that appear on the skin. Bed bugs can leave dark fecal spots on the bed sheets, or around the places that they have been hiding. This could be in crevices, or any place near the bed, even anywhere in the room. They also have glands whose secretions may leave a musty odor around the room. If you see dark spots around the room or on your bed that do not seem normal, or you smell a musty odor from your bed, you should check to see if you have bed bugs.

Understanding How Bed Bugs Attack:

Bed bugs feed off the blood of humans and animals. They will bite any exposed area of the skin while a person is sleeping soundly in their bed. There are common sites that the bed bugs go for, and these are the face, hands, arms and neck. When a bed bug bite appears, it will show up as a small, flat, or raised bump on the skin that closely resembles a bite from a mosquito. Sometimes, these bites can take several days to develop, but they can be apparent for up to 14 days after the bite has occurred.

Bed Bugs Symptoms:

Other symptoms of a bed bug bite are: swelling, itching and redness. Usually the bites are nothing serious, because bed bugs are not known to carry any infectious diseases, but if the bite is scratched, it could become infected. One thing that sets bed bug bites apart from other bites is that it is common to find several bites all line up in a row. These are commonly referred to as the breakfast, lunch and dinner bites, which signifies the sequence in which the bed bug feeds from site to site. This is not common with other bug bites.

Seek Bed Bug Treatment:

Although the bed bug bite is not something very serious to people’s skin or body, they do warrant concern about an infestation. If you have any of these symptoms, or see any of the signs around your room, make sure to take the time to look for the infestation, and take the proper steps to get rid of the bed bugs.