If you are sick, you need to eat as healthy as you can. Vitamins and nutrients are essential to the body’s immune system, and this is true when you are not sick as well. Having healthy food is just one important part of the treatment plan. You should have some medications, plenty of rest, and lots of liquids in order to get healthy as quickly as possible, along with a great diet. When a person has bronchitis, eating certain foods can seem like a daunting task because your throat is in so much pain. However, there are many foods that a person that has bronchitis can eat without being in pain, and they have many vitamins and nutrients that will help you feel better at a much faster rate.

1.) Ginger

Ginger is used for treating the common cold, and it can also help bronchitis sufferers. There are anti-inflammatory and immune boosting properties that are in ginger. These properties can help provide relief to irritated, inflamed and swollen bronchial tubes that come along with bronchitis. Since ginger is usually used to spice up foods that you may not want to eat when you have bronchitis, try adding finer powder to tea or water with honey to feel a lot of relief.

2.) Almonds

These nuts have a lot of vitamins and nutrients, and they help with not only respiratory illness, almonds with mental acuity as well. They have a lot of potassium, calcium and magnesium, which are known for their ability to heal respiratory illnesses. If you have a sore throat and these do not seem like the best thing to eat, try slivering them up to make them easier to eat, that way you can get the nutrients without having to put strain on your throat.

3.) Chicken Soup

This may seem like an obvious choice to eat when you have a sore throat since this was probably always made for you when you were a little kid but chicken soup actually does help. The steam and heat from the soup will help break up the congestion in the throat that comes along with bronchitis. The heat on the throat can also make the pain feel better as well. Chicken soup has always been a staple food for people to eat when they are sick, and we now know that it actually does work.

4.) Onions

This strong smelling vegetable is not a favorite among many people, but it can be very beneficial to a person who suffers from bronchitis. Onions help dissolve mucus and phlegm, which are two things that are quite prominent in bronchitis. You can add raw onions to a salad, or you can cook them up and add them to your favorite meal. If you want to get the onion taste over with, you can also try eating a teaspoon of raw onion juice in the morning on an empty stomach.

5.) Lemons

Lemons seem to be one fruit that keeps adding up in benefits. They help rid the respiratory system of bacteria and mucus. You can boil a lemon wedge, strain it into a cup and drink, or grate lemon rind and add to a cup of boiling water. If you want to bring up the phlegm, add lemon juice to a warm cup of water and gargle.