Many people would like to understand everything to know about treatments for bronchitis. Well, that has to start by understanding the nature of the condition. It is caused by inflammation in the bronchial tubes that leaves people wheezing and coughing and, often, with a high fever. Around 5% of all adults develop bronchitis every year, with 90% of cases are not caused by bacteria, but rather by a virus. What this means is that everything to know about treatments for bronchitis must start with understanding that antibiotics are often ineffective if the infection is viral. The condition is usually caused by a virus, not unlike the influenza or common cold virus. So much so, in fact, that most people who develop bronchitis acquire a secondary infection following a cold or flu.

Everything to Know about Treatments for Bronchitis:

After numerous clinical studies, it is now clear that antibiotics cannot treat bronchitis. Because some bacteria are becoming resistant to antibiotics, it is very important that people stop asking for them as a type of treatment, because it means they will be more at risk of other, more serious infections later on in life. It is particularly worrisome that around 70% of people with bronchitis are still prescribed antibiotics.

However, some 75% of people in this country, at least, are now also looking towards herbal treatments to enhance their health and overall quality of life. While still considered an alternative type of treatment, these have been proven to be quite beneficial. People who feel let down by medical science, for instance because their antibiotics didn’t cure their bronchitis, will often try herbal remedies instead, something they perhaps should have done straightaway. A recent government study showed that most people in this country see herbal treatments as both a safe and effective method of treating the condition. Furthermore, they don’t experience significant side effects.

Everything to Know About Treatments for Bronchitis the Natural Way:

Herbal medicine is known to be effective as a tonic. It helps to strengthen the respiratory system, which means it is also effective for treating bronchitis. The lungs are the main organs within the respiratory system, which act as the source of oxygen that are then transported into the blood stream. Each day, we take around 25,000 breaths, but our respiratory health is compromised by diet, body weight, allergies, infections, pollution, genetics, and more.

We tend to take breathing for granted, until we develop bronchitis. Because the condition is not responsive to antibiotics, treatment is about making people feel more comfortable, easing the symptoms while the body heals itself. Sticking to natural solutions, therefore, is usually the best way forward. This means drinking lots of fluids, using honey to soothe the throat, using a humidifier, and choosing herbal medicines that support and strengthen the respiratory system.

Bronchitis can significantly reduce someone’s quality of life, particularly if the condition becomes chronic. However, by using herbal and natural remedies, and mainly by listening to your body, you can prevent the condition from becoming chronic. Do make sure, however, that you seek medical attention if there is no improvement at all within 24 to 48 hours.