If you already know something about cholesterol, then chances are that you probably know there are two different types. One type of cholesterol is known as high-density lipoprotein cholesterol, or HDL, and this is the cholesterol that can help you to fight back against heart disease and other serious health problems. On the other hand, there's also something called low-density lipoprotein – or LDL, and this is the "bad" cholesterol that your doctors are likely to have warned you about.

If you want to keep your heart as healthy as possible, then you'll need to look for ways to keep your LDL levels down, and your HDL levels up. After all, too much LDL in your system can allow plaque to collect in your blood vessel walls, where it can lead to blockages and cause heart attacks or sudden strokes. If you get a blood test that reveals high levels of LDL, then you may need high LDL cholesterol help. To some extent, this could mean getting medications and treatments, whereas other people prefer to start by making lifestyle changes.

High LDL Cholesterol Help – Lifestyle Changes:

One type of high LDL cholesterol help comes in changing the choices you generally make in your regular diet. For instance, many experts recommend sticking to fats that are healthier for you. Saturated fats that are often found in dairy products and red meat raise your total cholesterol and LDL, thus it is recommended that you eat less than 7% of your regular calories from fat. Instead, try to stick to leaner meats and monounsaturated fats that are often found in canola and olive oil.

It can also be a good idea to increase the amount of soluble fiber in your diet. There are two forms of fiber that usually exist within any diet – insoluble and soluble – and both come with benefits for your heart. However, soluble fiber is particularly good at lowering LDL levels, and you can get this by eating plenty of vegetables, fruits, and oats.

Another worthwhile ingredient to add your diet is whey protein, which is one of the two proteins typically found in dairy products. Whey protein can be a great way to lower total cholesterol and LDL in one step.

High LDL Cholesterol Help – Exercise:

Exercise can also be another great way for individuals to fight back against high levels of cholesterol. Moderate activity on a regular basis can be ideal for helping to raise the amount of high-density lipoprotein in your system – or good cholesterol. Of course, it's usually a good idea to speak to your doctor before you add any exercise into your regular routine, to ensure that you are choosing activities that are right for you.

If you have trouble staying motivated in your workout routine, try finding an exercise buddy, or joining a class or group that will be able to help you. And keep in mind that just about any type of activity should be helpful at improving your cholesterol levels. Even walking to the store instead of driving can make a huge difference.