There is currently no cure for chronic obstructive pulmonary disease or COPD but medications to improve quality of life of patients do exist. One of the most effective types of medication is the inhaler, which almost every patient will be prescribed. The best inhalers for COPD are effective and last for a long time, but exactly what they are will depend on the needs and the condition of the patient.

Best Inhalers for COPD:

There are two key methods to help patients inhale medication: nebulizers and inhalers. They serve the same purpose, which is to ensure that the drug can enter into the lungs as quickly as possible. They also both work using the same kind of medication. Furthermore, so long as they are used properly, they are both equally effective.

Nebulizers and inhalers must be prescribed by a medical professional. Some bronchodilator inhalers are offered as over the counter (OTC) medication, but they are certainly not the best inhalers for COPD. They should only be used if recommended by a physician, not in the least because they have the potential to be dangerous, particularly for people who have heart problems.

An inhaler is a handheld device that sends a puff of the drug into the lungs. Three key types exist:

1. Hydrofluoralkane inhalers, which are usually referred to as HFA. They used to be called metered dose inhalers (MDIs).

These types contain a medication in liquid form, delivered through an aerosol. It is contained in a pressurized canister fitted with a metering valve. Patients close their lips around the inhaler and press down, slowly breathing in.

Some people add a spacer to this. This means they attach a plastic hollow tube between the canister and the mouthpiece. This makes it easier for all of the medication to get into the lungs.

2. Dry powder inhalers (DPIs)

These are like the HFA, except that the drug is in the form of dry powder. DPIs should not be used with spacers. Furthermore, rather than taking a slow breath, you should take steady but rapid breaths instead. You must also not exhale before the device has been removed from the mouth, otherwise humidity might enter the medication, making it clump.

3. Soft mist inhalers (SMIs).

These are the newest types of inhalers. As a result, many people believe they are the best inhalers for COPD, because they are based on the most recent research. With an SMI, a specific amount of medication is delivered through a mist that moves very slowly, making it easy to properly inhale the medicine. It is important to leave the air vents of the device uncovered. The drug is delivered properly regardless of how quickly you breathe, which is one of the key reasons why it is preferred.

All inhalers use the same principle, but they work in different ways. For instance, a DPI should never be shaken, whereas a HFA should be shaken before you use it. They all also have different cleaning methods, and there are different ways to tell how much medication remains within the inhaler.