There is a bad connotation that people who have diseases or ailments, such as diabetes, have to avoid everything that they enjoy. There is always some type of food or drink that is not good for a diabetic person to have, and it seems like all that people with diabetes do is give up certain things that they once enjoyed. However, it isn’t all about giving up foods and drinks that were once a treat. There are many wonderful alternatives to have in place of these foods that taste just as good, and help prevent further complications that come along with diabetes.

1.) Oatmeal

Diabetic people are often told to avoid carbohydrates, but oatmeal is one carbohydrate that is good to eat. It is high in soluble fiber, and fiber is something that diabetic people cannot get enough of, because it makes a person feel fuller longer. Feeling full will help lower glucose levels, and help maintain a healthy weight. Oatmeal is slower to digest, and it won’t raise blood sugar, and it will help control blood sugar over time. Do not get the sweetened kind of oatmeal; rather, sweeten with cinnamon in order to get a healthy dose of sweetness without spiking blood sugar levels.

2.) Avocados

Avocados have been proven to provide many healthy components that make it one of the best parts of the produce department. Avocados contain monounsaturated fatty acids, which helps people who have a diet that aims to maintain a healthy blood sugar level. These fatty acids lower insulin resistance, which also help with a diabetic diet. Insulin is essential in helping glucose be converted to energy, and insulin resistance is a cause of diabetes. Avocados are also a very versatile food, so you can spice up any recipe without giving up flavor.

3.) Salmon/Fish/Chicken/Lean Meats

Many red meats, fried and/or coated meats boost sugar levels in the body, which is less than ideal for a diabetic person. However, that does not mean that diabetics have to give up their favorite proteins at dinnertime. Salmon, along with other fish, along with chicken contain heart healthy acids, as well as provide chromium, which enables insulin to function properly.

4.) Broccoli And Other Green Vegetables

Broccoli, along with other green vegetables are the perfect addition to a diabetic diet. They are low in carbohydrates and high in fiber. Carbs are a diabetic’s worst enemy, and fiber is one of the best things a diabetic can have. Although starchy vegetables, like corn and potatoes contain starch, so make your plate colorful with greens and make it flavorful with a nice, low fat dressing.

5.) Strawberries

Strawberries provide a good amount of sweetness without spiking up blood sugar, so diabetics can enjoy a sweet sensation without the risk of their blood sugar going up to an insane level. They are low in calories and low in carbohydrates, so they also do not give off the unhealthy side effects of candy or other sweet snack. They also contain fiber and water, which helps people stay fuller, longer so they do not over eat.