There are lots of diseases today that can be treated by using natural ingredients. This is why so many people are constantly taking all sorts of vitamins and herbs to boost their metabolism and improve their health. But as good as many of the natural treatments may be, few actually have the power to actually reverse the condition. However, many may be surprised to discover that a natural cure for diabetes could be as close as the kitchen cupboard.

The Plant Compound Study:

To date, there have been numerous research studies that show that many plant compounds have the ability stimulate beta cell regeneration in the pancreas. This lead many to conclude that a long-term cure for Type 2 Diabetes could very well be found in the plant foods that we eat every day. The latest study of plant compounds and how they affect diabetes actually showed that with just a small amount of flaxseed added to daily meals some patients were able to produce a wide range of benefits in animals including an improved use of glucose in the liver, supporting a normal formation of glucose in both the liver and muscle tissue, and it reduced the pancreatic and intestinal glucosidase inhibitory activity. This encouraged better managed blood sugar level after a meal.

Which Natural Cures To Try?

Aside from the benefits of flaxseed as a natural cure for diabetes, studies showed that other natural ingredients like argine, avocado, berberine, chard, corn silk, genistein, honey, Nigella sativa, and stevia all showed improved blood glucose sugar levels after consumption. You can also add a few natural dietary supplements to your meals to help in your attempts to reverse the disease. For example, studies have shown that adding chromium to your diet could actually help in controlling diabetes. In fact, chromium is essential to helping the body to tolerate glucose, which by extension helps insulin to improve its action on the body.


Plants like ginseng also have the ability to lower sugar levels in the bloodstream. There are several plants that fall under the category of ginseng and studies have shown that consuming them on a regular basis can lower blood sugar levels whether a patient is fasting or after meals when one might expect the levels to spike. While it is not a 100% cure all for every diabetics, the research warrants at least a try in helping to control the disease.

There are quite a few natural foods that have been attributed to helping to control blood-sugar levels. These include brewer's yeast, buckwheat, broccoli and other greens, cinnamon, cloves, coffee, okra, peas, fenugreek seeds, and sage. If you are looking to manage your diabetes through natural foods look for those foods that are rich in fiber, vitamins, and minerals known to boost health overall. However, by including those foods that are known to fight inflammation, boost insulin production, and control blood sugar to your daily meals it is possible to see significant improvement in your condition. For many, these adjustments to their diet along with regular exercise and following the direction of the primary care physician, it is possible to actually reverse the disease and reclaim your health with a natural cure for diabetes.