Diabetes is one word that many people do not want to hear at any time throughout their life. It is unfortunate that about 29.1 million people (diagnosed and undiagnosed) in the United States alone have diabetes. The word haunts them every day. People who are diagnosed with this disease are able to talk to doctors about treatment options, as well as get medication to help ease symptoms. There are ways that people can reverse some symptoms. Reversing diabetes means that your body is at a level that is healthy enough where they no longer need to take medication daily in order to keep their diabetes under control. This is a goal for many diabetes sufferers. Many people believe that you can only achieve reversal through medicines. This is not always the case. You can achieve reversal of diabetes and have control over symptoms with natural remedies as well. Below is a list of just five of the many natural cures people with diabetes can use in order to try to reverse their symptoms. These remedies can also help keep symptoms under control.

1.) Losing Extra Weight

Many people who suffer from diabetes are overweight. The excess weight is actually one of the main causes of why people have diabetes. Losing this weight can help decrease blood sugar levels. This will help slow and even stop the progression of diabetes. People who lose 5% to 10% of all of their body weight end up seeing diabetes start to reverse. Having a healthy diet and getting exercise can help with the reversal. Even if you get just a few minutes a day, you will be doing your body a favor. A little exercise is good for your body when it is used to getting no exercise at all.

2.) Zinc

You can take zinc in supplement form or get your daily dose with certain foods. Zinc is great for people who want to reverse their diabetes symptoms because it plays an important role in the production and storage of insulin. Insulin is something that people with diabetes fail to process to help break down sugar in their body. If you want to try different foods that have zinc in them, you can try oysters, pecans, egg yolk, almonds and chicken. These healthy food choices will also aid with weight loss.

3.) Onions

This remedy is good for diabetic people who still love to cook. Onions can add flavor to almost any dish. In addition to making a more flavorful dinner, onions can also help people who have diabetes. Onions have active constituents like sulfur compounds and flavonoids. These can help block the breakdown of insulin by the liver. They can also stimulate insulin production by the pancreas. This will increase the amount of insulin and reduce blood sugar levels. This vegetable can be a great way to keep blood sugar levels under control and help with insulin levels in the body.

4.) Biotin

It has been proven that people who took biotin regularly for two months had a dramatic drop in their fasting glucose levels. This is because biotin is a B vitamin that is needed to process glucose. Biotin can also help reduce pain that is caused from diabetic nerve damage. You should consult a doctor about biotin. Try their recommended dosages for a few weeks and test your blood sugar levels to see if they have dropped.

5.) Magnesium

Magnesium is a very important supplement to take if you have diabetes and want to reverse and treat your symptoms. A lack of magnesium has been associated with an abnormality with insulin secretion. It has also been linked to diabetes complications. Taking magnesium has been shown to improve blood sugar control in people with diabetes. Talk to your doctor about adding magnesium to your vitamin routine for dosage recommendations.