Food has always been the center of attention when it comes to diseases. There are always foods you should eat, foods that you should avoid, and weird foods that no one has ever heard of that contain a crazy amount of vitamins. No matter what it is that is ailing you, chances are you have been told to change your diet. Well, this is not bad advice. There are some foods that have great vitamins and minerals that can provide benefits, and there are some foods that can trigger symptoms and pain. The same is true with diabetic neuropathy. The main goal is to keep your blood sugar down, since the main cause of diabetic neuropathy is having high blood sugar for a long amount of time. Avoiding the following foods will allow you to find relief from your neuropathy, and create a healthier lifestyle overall.

1.) Battered Fish

Fish is an amazing food for diabetics, and it should be eaten two to three times a week. However, this does not mean the fried fish sticks you get in the frozen section of the store, or the fish and chips meal at your local restaurant. These fried pieces of something that was once healthy contain a lot of carbohydrates, calories, fat and sodium. This will cause a spike in blood sugar, and will do nothing but harm your neuropathy. Try fresh, non-battered, non-fried fish instead.

2.) Frozen Meals

Frozen meals seem like a quick and easy way to get dinner going. You can even pick up ones that are from diet companies that contain a lot of vegetables. However, these frozen meals can be misleading. Most of them still contain a lot of sodium and fat that comes from when they were processed to be frozen and shipped to the store. Sodium and fat are not helpful for neuropathy, and you are better off making your meals with fresh ingredients.

3.) Fruit Juice

People may think that they are choosing a better option than soda when they reach for fruit juices. Sadly, this is wrong. Fruit juices are notorious for packing in the sugar and carbohydrates, which will just spike up blood sugar levels that you have been working hard to keep down. You can always drink water with real fruit in it, like cut up strawberries or lemon for a refreshing drink that will not give you a sugar overload.

4.)White Bread

If you are making the choice to pack a lunch from home instead of going out for a quick bite, you are making the right choice. Just make sure if you are making a sandwich that you choose the right bread. White bread is made with white flour, which acts a lot like sugar once it is in the body. Sugar is not a friend to you, especially if they have neuropathy. Go for the wheat bread instead.

5.) Whole Milk

Not to worry, milk is still a good option for a diabetic, as long as it is 1% or skim milk. Milk has a lot of calcium that is good for the body, but if you drink whole milk, you are adding a lot of fat into the mix. Saturated fat is also in milk, which can worsen insulin resistance. Just change to low fat milk, and you will be just fine.