A fever is usually just one upsetting symptom in a host of problems for someone who's suffering from an illness or an infection. If you have a fever, chances are that the first thing you want to do is find a way to reduce your discomfort as quickly as possible. Eating the right food will give your body the fuel it needs to heal, but that means that you need to know the top 15 foods to avoid when you have a fever.

1. Acidic Foods

When you have a fever, your body is out of balance. Avoiding the introduction of extra acidity into the mix is a good idea if you want to reduce discomfort.

2. Cookies

Although we often crave comfort foods when sick, cookies are bad when your immune system is suffering. Refined sugars should be avoided at all costs if you want to recover faster.

3. Processed Orange Juice

Speaking of sugar, while pure and home-made orange juice might be packed full of vitamins and minerals, processed orange juice is full of chemicals and sugar.

4. Fatty Foods

Pass by the fries and burgers. Foods that are high in fat are harder for your feverish body to digest when compared to protein and carbs.

5. Spicy Foods

Though spicy foods can be good for a cold, they're a part of our list of the top 15 foods to avoid when you have a fever, because they can lead to further over-heating.

6. Fried Foods

Saturated fats cause inflammation in the body. Since you want your body to focus on recovery and not detoxification, you should avoid fried foods whenever possible.

7. Heavy Soups

Although chicken noodle soup is rich in protein, heavy cream and cheesy soups are bad for your system when you're feverish.

8. Ice Cream

When you're feeling feverish, ice cream can sound great, but dairy will make the mucus that often comes with a fever thicker and more problematic.

9. Macaroni and Cheese

Similar to ice cream, dairy in the macaroni and cheese that you make as comfort food can lead to mucus-based problems that worsen your condition.

10. Alcohol

It's crucial to avoid alcohol when you have a fever because it further dehydrates the body and weakens your immune system.

11. Fast Foods

Although fast foods seem easy to eat, they're on our list of the top 15 foods to avoid when you have a fever because they're usual devoid of the nutrients for boosting your health.

12. Soda

Even if it's sugar-free or diet, soda is not a good option when you're trying to overcome a fever. Opt for plenty of water instead.

13. Sports Drinks

When you're trying to re-hydrate with a fever, sports drinks can seem like a good idea, but they're also high in sugar.

14. High-Glycemic Foods

Foods that have a high-glycemic index, like pasta, rice, and bread, spike your blood sugar and lead to additional inflammation.

15. Caffeine

Finally, it's important to avoid caffeine when you have a fever because this substance can contribute to the thickening of mucus and dehydration.