Our bodies are highly complicated mechanisms that have been engineered in a way that most of the parts work together in harmony to ensure that the full system functions properly. Pain can sometimes appear in any part of the body, and the presence of that discomfort might be sudden. However, if the pain you feel is intense or prolonged, this could be a sign that something isn't right within your body, and that you might need the help of a professional, like a doctor or physician.

When it comes to foot pain, this type of discomfort is very common, and while a lot of people might try to ignore the pain and hope that it will go away by itself, the truth is that there could be an underlying reason for your foot pain that you need to identify first. Here, we're going to look at everything you need to know about foot problems.

Problems with the Middle of the Foot:

The first thing you should understand when it comes to learning everything you need to know about foot problems, is that the foot is a highly-complicated system that is comprised of a number of parts. There are 26 bones, 19 muscles, and around 33 joints in the foot that help you to walk, stand and move. It's no wonder that every part of the foot can be affected by various problems and pains.

Identifying the problem is the key to making sure that you heal your foot effectively. However, there are many things that might lead to pain in the middle of the foot. While some are very common, some are quite rare.

Types of Problems with the Foot:

When discovering everything you need to know about foot problems, chances are that you'll want to consider a number of common issues. For instance, one cause of foot pain is a navicular stress fracture, which is an injury common in athletes that regularly perform jumps and sprints. This problem can be identified with the use of an MRI scan.

Another possibility is extensor tendinitis. This issue refers to inflammation within the tendons used to straighten out the toes of the feet. It is characterized by a feeling of discomfort in the upper portion of the mid foot, which grows more intense as the toes are straightened and curled. The pain can worsen when you walk or run.

Another common reason behind pain in the foot is the presence of a plantar fascia strain. This occurs when the tissue that holds the length of the middle of your foot together is strained. This form of injury can occur as a result of long-term pressure on the foot, or it may happen suddenly. Usually, pain will be felt across the arch of the foot, and you may feel tenderness too.

Dealing with Foot Pain:

Usually, when learning everything you need to know about foot problems, you'll discover that the treatment your doctor recommends for your condition will vary according to the reason behind your discomfort. In some cases, rest, a cast, or orthotic support might be required.