Hair loss affects both men and women around the globe, but is most common in men over the age of 50. While hair loss at any age can be cause for dismay, it is particularly troublesome when it appears early. It can be genetic or due to health problems. If your hair loss occurs with the treatment for an illness due to medication, your hair may grow back on its own. If your hair becomes thinner due to your genetic makeup, however, you may need a little help to keep it from disappearing, and retain those healthy locks.

Coconut Oil

The coconut oil trend seems to be taking over the alternative health industry, and with good reason. In terms of moisturizing hair, coconut oil is a healthy substitute for many over the counter products. Another benefit is that coconut oil acts as one of many natural home remedies for hair loss.

This product is unlike many oils you use for cooking and other uses, because it is available in solid form. In order to use it on your hair, it should be warmed, either in the microwave oven for a few moments, or by simply rubbing it between your palms until it begins to melt. If you use a microwave or other method of heating, be very careful that it is not scalding hot before application. Burning your scalp will do more harm than good.

Put the warmed oil into the roots of your hair, massaging it onto your scalp. If you apply it to the entire length of your hair, it will create a healthy shine, and even aid in the treatment of split ends. If you are only focusing on hair loss, the scalp is where you should be applying the majority of this oil. Its natural properties work to thicken hair and promote growth.


This will be a less aromatic experience than the coconut oil, but believe it or not, garlic is used in a variety of hair loss products due to its natural ability to promote growth. It is high in sulphur and provides a number of other health benefits both when ingested or applied topically.

To use it as one of your home remedies for hair loss, crush it, and boil the garlic in avocado, coconut, or olive oil. Let this cool and then apply to your scalp. Allow this to sit for at least thirty minutes, before rinsing the mixture. If you are planning on going out to work or on a social call, you may want to give your hair a wash before leaving the house, as garlic can have a strong smell even after the rinse.


This beautiful flower is one of the active ingredients in a few over the counter home remedies for hair loss, and can promote the growth of beautiful healthy hair. It also smells much better than the above mentioned garlic remedy, and is just as easy to apply.

Crush the flowers using a mortar and pestle, or with whatever tools you have in your kitchen. You will want to mix it into an oil base so that it spreads more easily. Using coconut oil works well, due to its hair growth properties, as mentioned above. Apply this mixture to your scalp, and wait three hours before rinsing. Unlike some of the above remedies, this one does require more time to work, but it leaves hair shiny and renewed.