How can you be sure whether you're losing your hearing, or someone close to you is going deaf? You may be surprised to learn that around 2 in every 3 people with hearing loss problems are currently undiagnosed, and not receiving any kind of treatment. That means that recognizing the signs of hearing loss might be more difficult than you think. Here, we're going to take a closer look at the 7 warning signs and symptoms of hearing loss that might indicate you need to see a professional.

1. Loud Volume on Your TV or Radio

If you struggle to hear your television or radio, then you may be starting to suffer from problems with your hearing. You might not even notice that your television sound is up too loud until someone ends up pointing it out to you.

2. Difficulty Following Conversations

Another one of the most common 7 warning signs and symptoms of hearing loss, is struggling to follow conversations, or frequently asking people to repeat themselves. If during a conversation, you're always asking people to repeat themselves, or you have difficulties in deciphering what's being said, this could be a sign that you need a hearing test.

3. Problems Hearing Background Sound

If your hearing seems to be constantly muffled, no matter what you're listening too, then you can probably already tell that something is wrong. Things might sound quiet or distorted, as though your ears are covered or blocked.

4. Missing Calls

If you often miss calls from people on your phone, or you have people telling you that they've been knocking at your door for minutes even though you're not far away, this could be a sign of hearing loss.

5. Turning Your Head to Hear Sounds

If you're constantly turning your head towards the place a sound is coming from just to be able to hear it, then this could be a sign of deafness or hearing problems. Directing your ear towards a particular sound can help you to hear better, but you shouldn't have to do this on a regular basis, which is why it's one of the 7 warning signs and symptoms of hearing loss.

6. Anger at Being Confronted About Hearing Problems

As with a lot of things, one of the first signs that you have a problem with your hearing is your refusal to admit that you're struggling. The truth is that there are plenty of help out there for people with hearing problems, but seeking out help can be difficult if you're worried that you might be going deaf. Remember not to be afraid and book a hearing test to sort out the problem as quickly as possible.

7. Becoming Isolated

Finally, if you're feeling isolated or withdrawn, or your problems with hearing are making it more difficult for you to interact with other people, this could be a sign that your hearing is failing you and you need to seek help. Remember that problems with hearing can be improved much of the time, and seeking help is the first step to recovery.