Just about everyone you meet will at some point in time have to deal with heartburn. It's a natural part of life that can bring on unpleasant and sometimes painful discomfort, and so it's only natural that we all have some antacid tablets in our medicine cabinet that quite often work very well. However, if you are a chronic sufferer of heartburn you may want to think about other more natural ways to deal with your heartburn pain. Many people don't realize that with just a few lifestyle adjustments in their daily habits they can lower their chances of getting heartburn in the first place. Here are several tips for heartburn prevention with diets and exercises that can help reduce the number of bouts you may have with heartburn and give you some welcome relief.

Avoid Eating Before You Go to Bed

Heartburn is often the result of an interrupted digestive process, so by allowing time for your stomach to fully digest its contents can help them to reduce the amount of acid that still remains in the stomach before lying down. By simply going to bed with a calmer stomach you can help reduce the chances of acid backing up in your esophagus again.

Avoid Trigger Foods

Learn how your eating affects your heartburn by keeping a log of the foods you eat and comparing them to when your heartburn strikes. By recording your eating habits you'll soon be able to recognize what your heartburn trigger foods are and as you start to eliminate them from your diet you'll notice how much relief you'll get. Also decrease the portion size of your meals and start to eat more often throughout the day and your stomach won't have to do as much work. This should be able to give you a lot of relief.


Another tip for heartburn prevention with diets and exercises is to learn how to exercise properly. When you are a chronic heartburn sufferer there are some exercises that can actually contribute to your heartburn problems.

Lifting Weights

Certain bench presses and weight lifting exercises increase the amount of pressure on the abdomen and chest area. This forces the stomach contents to back up into the esophagus causing heartburn. However, doctors recommend that you exercise before you eat to avoid the unpleasantness of heartburn later on.

Learn How to Breathe Properly

You may not realize that your breathing can be the actual culprit when it comes to exercising. People have a tendency to hold their breath when they're exercising without realizing it, which can open the way to heartburn. It might be best to work with a trainer until you've mastered the proper breathing techniques especially when you're working your abs or doing exercises that require you to lie flat on your back to perform. They may be putting pressure on your esophagus causing your heartburn.

By following these simple heartburn prevention with diets and exercises tips you should be able to find a great deal of relief from your suffering. The more you learn about this common problem, the better you'll be able to reduce your frequency and intensity of discomfort from heartburn pain.