Kidney cancer, like all type of cancer, is a horrible disease. It can also be incredibly painful, which is why understanding kidney cancer symptoms is important. The pain comes from the tumor inside the kidney, were the abnormal growth presses onto other parts of the body. The kidneys are on either side of the abdomen. They are reddish-brown in color and are relatively small, around the size of the fist. Their role is to clean the body, and this is why cancer is so painful here and has such a huge impact.

Why Understanding Kidney Cancer Symptoms Is Important:

Understanding kidney cancer symptoms is important not just because of the fact that early diagnosis is vital in having a better chance of treating the disease, but also because it impacts so many other bodily functions. If the kidneys start to fail, the body is no longer capable of eliminating waste, nor is it able to remove excess water from inside the body. Not just that, but the kidneys also control blood pressure and the production of red blood cells.

Blood in the Urine and Other Signs:

There are a number of symptoms to be aware of when it comes to kidney cancer, therefore. If you spot any of these, it is important to speak to a medical professional. In many cases, something different is actually going on, but it is always better to be safe than sorry. One of the biggest signs to watch out for are traces of blood in the urine. Your urine may be a rust to deep red color. Another important symptom is lingering pain in the sides, and feeling a mass or lump in the abdominal area in your sides.

Sudden Weight Loss:

You may also notice sudden weight loss without dieting or exercising. That said, such weight loss can be indicative of various other forms of cancer as well. Similarly, you may experience a sudden fever, feel very tired, and generally feel unwell. Those are all issues to be worried about.

Having any of those symptoms does not automatically mean that you have cancer. They could also be caused by cysts, infections, or a variety of other illnesses, many of which are easy to treat. However, regardless of this, if you notice any of the aforementioned signs, it is important to seek medical attention. As with all forms of cancer, early diagnosis is incredibly important and makes a huge difference in terms of the likelihood of survival and the slowing down of the progression of the disease.

Cancer will always be a horrible disease. However, it no longer has to be the death sentence it once was either. Treatment is available, even for invasive cancers like kidney cancer. The sooner treatment starts, the more likely it will be that the cancer will go into remission and that you can live a long, happy, and healthy life, without long-lasting consequences. However, this does mean seeking treatment as soon as you notice any of the symptoms, no matter how frightening and overwhelming it can be to go to a doctor and raise concerns about the dreaded “C” word.