Kidney disease is certainly no laughing matter. For those who need to deal with it, it means changing their lifestyle in major ways. Once the kidneys begin to fail in their functions, your overall health starts down a steady and consistent decline. For those who can recognize the signs, making the adjustments could put them back on a path to a normal lifestyle. Thus, it is essential to know the 7 warning signs and symptoms of chronic kidney disease.

This condition does not happen all of a sudden. It happens gradually over time and the progression is slow so it can be hard to notice. The kidneys have the ability to adapt and adjust for lost function so that many may not even realize that their kidneys are failing until the damage has become substantial. Some of the 7 warning signs and symptoms of chronic kidney disease may be staring them right in the face and they don't know it. If you're concerned about the risk of chronic kidney disease here are some symptoms to look for.

1. Pain in the Legs and Lower Back

One of the most obvious signs of chronic kidney disease is a constant pain in the legs and the lower back where the kidneys are located.

2. Need to Urinate More Frequently

Urinating helps the body get rid of waste. When the kidneys begin to fail, they will cause you to urinate more often than before.

3. Fatigue and Weakness

When the kidneys are weakened, they can no longer produce a sufficient amount of erythropoietin. This is a hormone that stimulates the bone marrow to produce red blood cells, which results in more oxygen being carried to the muscles and brain. When the body doesn't get enough of this hormone, there will be less oxygen for the muscles and brain, making you feel weak.

4. Swelling of the Legs and Puffiness Around the Eyes

As the kidneys weaken, they will eliminate less fluid from the body causing you to retain more.

5. Skin Irritation

Breakouts of acne and rashes will begin to occur as more and more waste accumulates in the body.

6. Loss of Appetite accompanied by Nausea and Vomiting

As toxins continue to build up in the body a general feeling of nausea will set in. When the condition becomes more extreme, vomiting will also occur making it difficult to keep your food down.

7. A Metallic Taste in the Mouth

Ammonia levels will increase and will be converted to urea in the liver. This will often leave a metallic like taste in the mouth.

The above are not the only symptoms of chronic kidney disease but if you're concerned about it, checking for these symptoms could help you to determine if you're at risk. However, these 7 warning signs and symptoms of chronic kidney disease could mean that your kidneys may be heading into the danger zone.

Living with chronic kidney disease is very complicated and difficult. However, those who are able to manage their symptoms can live good and comfortable lives. There may even be times when you may not realize that your health is in danger, so close contact with your health care professional is essential. It can spell the difference between being able to live a normal and happy life or being bed ridden for long periods of time.