When women reach that condition where they cease to menstruate, they have reached what is known as 'menopause'. However, this is not a one day to the next thing, but rather a long period of transition that can last anything from weeks to years. Some women experience debilitating symptoms, while others none at all. If you do experience symptoms, you will want to know about the best treatment options for menopause. There are many options out there, so it is hard to say which one is 'the best'. In fact, this all depends on your personal symptoms, needs, and wishes.

Best Treatment Options For Menopause

First of all, there is diet and exercise. You will find that if you eat a healthy, balanced diet, and exercise regularly, you will experience far fewer symptoms. As such, your lifestyle is one of the best treatment options for menopause. Other options exist as well.

Hormone Therapy (HT), for instance, can help with issues such as vaginal dryness and hot flushes. Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT), from which it stems, got a really bad name. HT is different, however, and it is also the only FDA approved treatment option.

Soy products are another option. Soy is filled with phytoestrogens, which are similar to estrogen, and some people claim that this has helped them significantly with their hot flushes. You can find soy in specific nuts and milk, tempeh and tofu. You can also find phytoestrogens in black cohosh, dong quai, wild yam, and valerian root.

Common Symptoms Associated With Menopause

One way to identify the treatment option that will work best for you is to really understand your symptoms as well. Each symptom has a different type of treatment, particularly if you address them naturally. Mood swings, for instance, can be addressed with meditation and yoga and allowing yourself some time to yourself. An irregular menstrual cycle can be addressed with HT if you find that it gets in the way of leading a normal life. Fatigue can be resolved by having more frequent naps (taking time for yourself is very important, after all). Hot flushes can be addressed with soy products and other phytoestrogens, or simply by cooling down with some fresh air. Also, vaginal dryness can be addressed with lubricants. Lastly, a reduced sex drive can be resolved by letting yourself go a little bit, or by simply accepting that now is not the time.

One of the biggest problems with menopause, however, is of a psychological nature. Women find it very difficult to cope with this transitional phase. It is, for many, proof that they are getting older and that their best years are behind them. Some women also struggle with the idea that they can no longer conceive naturally and will therefore never have any more children than what they already have. Many women also experience other psychological problems such as memory loss, difficulty in concentrating, depression, and anxiety. Again, all of these issues can be resolved with something like yoga, Pilates, meditation, or other relaxation tools and techniques.