Obsessive-compulsive disorder or OCD can be a condition that's difficult to diagnose, because it's frequently seen as something that includes generalized anxiety or excessive worry. Symptoms can vary from one person to the next, but there are countless common indicators that might indicate someone has this particular disorder. If you're not sure whether you might have the problem, try looking for these 11 warning signs and symptoms you may have OCD.

1. Obsessive Thoughts

Obsessive thoughts are persistent and recurrent thoughts, images, and urges. When people experience intrusive thoughts and urges, they find that the more they attempt to suppress them, the more severe they become.

2. Obsession with Cleanliness

People with OCD are often afraid of contamination, illness, or infection. Usually, they have compulsions to do with hand-washing and cleaning, which is why cleanliness is key on our list of 11 warning signs and symptoms you may have OCD.

3. Constant Checking

Compulsive habits might include checking the same things over and over. You might check something that you associate with danger or harm to ensure no changes have occurred, such as checking that doors are locked to avoid theft.

4. Obsession with Order

Obsession with order goes beyond checking that your room is tidy or ensuring that you stay organized. People with this disorder are overwhelmed by their idea of how things should be aligned.

5. Doubt

People with the disorder often suffer from periods of worry and self-doubt. They believe that if things aren't done correctly, something bad will happen to them, or they'll end up being punished in some way.

6. Hoarding

Hoarding is one of the most common of our 11 warning signs and symptoms you may have OCD. Though keeping mementos is fine, people with the said problem compulsively keep things that may have no value, because they're afraid of what might happen if they throw that item away.

7. Repetitive Physical Gestures

Many symptoms are mental, but they can also be physical. Some people with the disorder repeatedly blink, or have facial twitches, or shrug their shoulders regularly.

8. Fear of Violence

Often, obsessive thoughts can move beyond rumination and may include a fear of something bad that might happen to the person. Affected people may worry that they could hurt someone simply by doing something wrong.

9. Unwanted Sexual Thoughts

Many of the patients seeking help for OCD have a sort of sexual obsession that is part of their major concern. This might include questions about their sexual orientation, taboo thoughts, or fears about behaving abnormally when it comes to sex.

10. Uncontrolled Thoughts

Another common sign in our 11 warning signs and symptoms you may have OCD is unwanted or uncontrollable thoughts. Though we all struggle to control our thoughts sometimes, patients’ thoughts may be impossible to control no matter how hard they try.

11. Thoughts that have an impact on Your Everyday Life

Finally, while we all obsess over things sometimes, if your obsessions begin to take over your life and stop you from living as normal, this could be a sign that you have a disorder. The impact of the interference of your thoughts is significant and negative when you have the disorder.