Scabies is a condition whereby the mite Sarcoptes scabiei infests the skin. This leads to a terrible itch, blisters, and redness. Scabies is highly contagious and it is believed some 300 million people contract it each year. While treatable, it is a significant morbidity cause outside of this country. Luckily, there are some excellent scabies home remedies that can help. It is hoped that this information can also reach underdeveloped countries, where pharmaceutical medication is often not available.

Some Scabies Home Remedies:

1. Cayenne pepper can help to lower scabies' pain thanks to the capsaicin. Simply apply it directly to the skin, which can also help to decrease the itchy feeling. However, 30% of people do experience a burning sensation when cayenne pepper is applied topically. While no studies have been able to prove this yet, some people claim that this can even kill the mites. If you do not want to apply it directly to the skin, you can add some to a hot bath water and soak in it, or create a paste with a little bit of water to apply to the burrows.

2. Tiger balm, which when applied to the skin, helps to relieve pain and muscle aches by reducing inflammation. It is an analgesic containing clove oil and camphor. The balm will not kill the scabies mites, but it does provide tremendous relief.

3. Aniseed oil, which has been scientifically proven to be beneficial according to a report in Herbal Medicine: Biomolecular and Clinical Aspects, 2nd Edition. The oil of aniseed has insecticidal activity. It can be used topically to treat scabies as well as head lice. However, it should not be used by pregnant women.

4. Neem oil, which can actually kill the mites, as well as stop them from reproducing. Additionally, it helps to relieve the itch and numb pain. A study evaluated 814 patients in India for their responses to neem oil with turmeric. About 97% of the patients had cured the infestation in just three to 15 days. No negative side effects were noted either. This offers a lot of hope for remote, underdeveloped communities.

5. Clove oil, which has anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial, and analgesic properties. It helps to dry up the rashes and blisters. The toxicity of clove oil against scabies mites was demonstrated in a 2010 study.

6. Rosemary oil, which may stop the infestation, while at the same time prevent secondary infections and reduce pain. The Northeast Forestry University in China showed that rosemary and clove oil put together have strong antimicrobial properties.

7. Last but not least of the scabies home remedies is tea tree oil. This can be used topically to fight mite infestations thanks to the terpenoids contained in it. Terpenoids have antimicrobial properties and have been proven by a study published in the Archives of Dermatology to be able to help treat scabies, reducing the times scabies mites can survive. In fact, one study showed death of the mites occurred within five minutes of tea tree oil exposure. Additionally, it has been suggested in Future Microbiology that tea tree oil could be an alternative to pharmaceutical medication, not in the least because scabies mites are becoming resistant to permethrin and ivermectin, the two commonly prescribed pharmaceutical drugs for this problem.