There are many different types of sciatica nerve pain treatments. The one that will work for you will depend on a variety of factors, including how badly your muscles are compressed. The treatments are also wide-ranging, starting with over the counter (OTC) painkillers to highly complicated spinal surgery. In between those two extremes are such things as massage therapy, physiotherapy, and acupuncture. The goal of treatment is to enable each patient to find a way to relax the muscles and to enhance personal quality of life. This works in different ways for various people.

The Different Types Of Sciatica Nerve Pain Treatment:

Home Remedies:

If you were to speak to 10 different people with sciatica, you will find that they have 10 different views on which form of treatment works best. A lot of people, however, find solace in stretching exercises and other home remedies. Most people, if given the choice, want to avoid pharmaceutical medication and surgery, after all. Hence, treatments such as consuming higher levels of vitamin B complex and vitamin B1 and increasing the amount of garlic that you eat can all be beneficial. Garlic has lots of important medicinal values, in fact, all of which can benefit people with serious back pain.


Another important form of treatment for this condition is rest. It cannot be stressed enough how important it is for people not to overexert themselves if they have sciatica. At the same time, the old fashioned sciatica pain treatments of complete bed rest have gone out the window. This is because not moving muscles at all can cause them to seize up, making the situation worse. However, when sciatica is caused by inflammation to the muscles and nerves, it is important to rest so that the inflammation can be reduced as much as possible.


Physicians will generally prescribe pain medication if it is required. However, the main course of treatment will be based on muscle relaxants and, usually, analgesics. Sometimes, these are provided as injections, particularly around the lower back. If people have very severe pain, or if their condition does not seem to get better with other forms of treatment, then this may be recommended before looking into surgical options.


There have been significant advances in the field of medicine and technology alike. Thanks to these, there are now various techniques available, such as percutaneous and microsurgery. This means that surgery can be performed without having to make major incisions in the back. While these are costly surgical methods, they also involve far less recovery time, have fewer chances of complications, and, generally, are far more effective than other forms of surgery. Unfortunately, surgery of any kind is not always a suitable option for each patient. This is why it is important to speak to a physician and to exhaust all other available treatment options first.

Overall, the various sciatica pain treatments can allow patients to have a much greater quality of life than ever before. In fact, for some people, the condition can be completely resolved. Do make sure, however, that you follow your physician’s advice.