There are many medications and procedures that people can go through in order to find relief from their nerve pain. Often times, these types of relief come at an expensive price, and some of the medications can cause reactions that are often worse than the pain that comes from the nerve. Luckily, there are a lot of options that are free, and they will help a person get relief at home without spending a fortune. You can take action at home without loading up your body with a lot of medication, and you can find a lot of relief in the comfort of your own home or neighborhood.

1.) Skip A Few Drinks

This may seem like an awful option to take, as most people like to have a drink after a long day at work. Not to worry, you can still have about four or less drinks a week, but it is essential that heavy drinking is not on the schedule for the week. Heavy alcohol use is toxic to the nerves and can worsen nerve pain. Drinking a large amount of alcohol could worsen the pain, and stop the healing process, and make any progress you have made go backwards. Drinking less could be a good break for your wallet, as well.

2.) Take A Warm Bath

Not only is this option one of the cheapest things you can do to lessen nerve pain, but it is also quite relaxing. The warm water can temporarily increase blood flow to the legs, and can also ease any stress you are feeling from being in constant pain from your nerve pain. Make sure not to burn yourself on the hot water, and even add some bubbles for a flashback to your childhood.

3.) Take A Walk

This completely free step is one of the easiest things you can do to lessen the pain from any nerves that are causing you trouble. You do not have to walk miles upon miles to feel relief, but take a quick walk around the block everyday to ease the pain. Exercise promotes blood flow to the nerves in the legs and the feet, and also provides the body with endorphins, which are natural painkillers. Give your body a bit of a boost with a quick walk, and over time you will see a massive difference in your nerve pain.

4.) Create Good Sleeping Habits

Often times, nerve pain is worse at night than it is during the day. Nerve pain can disturb a sleep cycle, so it is important to create good sleeping habits so you can have a good rest at night. Try not to take afternoon naps and do not have too much caffeine during the day in order to allow yourself to be tired when bedtime comes. Also, stay consistent with what time you go to bed each night, allowing your body to get used to going to sleep at the same time, and being tired at the correct time, and allow yourself to get at least 8 hours of sleep.

5.) Use Botanical Oils

Studies have shown that applying botanical oils like geranium can reduce nerve pain in the body. Oils like lavender can also help relax you, and take your mind off of the pain that you are experiencing. You can find these at local grocery stores, and give yourself a makeshift massage at home to relieve the pain.