One of the most common symptoms of piriformis syndrome is pain that extends across the sciatic nerve. This means that many people believe that piriformis syndrome may be responsible for sciatica. However, the truth is that people with piriformis syndrome find that the muscle irritates the sciatic nerve and causes sciatica pain.

The piriformis is a muscle that is located deep within the hip, and when it becomes inflamed or tight, it irritates the sciatic nerve and causes pain and numbness that often extends along the lower back, to the buttocks and beyond. Here we will address some options for sciatica pain relief for buttocks discomfort.

What Causes Sciatica Pain in the Buttocks?

The first thing to understand when searching for sciatica pain relief for buttocks discomfort is that this condition is generally caused by a tightening in the hip muscle that strangles the sciatic nerve and triggers buttocks pain. The pain that you experience may stay within the buttocks itself, or may shoot throughout the back of a single leg. Often, both legs are not affected at once.

Medical professionals and scientists have found that since a tight muscle in the hip is responsible for causing sciatica pain in the first place, the best solution is to use stretches as a way of relieving those tight muscles.

Stretches as Sciatica Pain Relief for Buttocks:

There are two specific stretches that are particularly beneficial for those suffering from pain in the buttocks as a result of sciatica discomfort. These two stretches are the hip twist stretch, and the frog press strengthener.

The hip twist stretch begins with you lying face up with your left leg stretched straight across the floor and your right knee bent inwards, with the right foot against the floor beside your left knee. Using your left hand, you should attempt to gently and carefully press your right knee down towards the floor until you can feel the muscle throughout your lower back and buttocks stretching. You should find that your buttocks and hip rise above the floor as you twist and stretch. Try to hold the pose for at least one minute.

The frog press strengthener begins with you lying face down too, but many people find that it is helpful to place a pillow beneath their hips for better comfort as they move and stretch. Fold your arms carefully and lean forward so that your head rests against your hands. Bend your knees so that they fall out to each side of your body, and make sure that the soles of your feet carefully touch together. You should find that both your calves and your feet are not against the floor if you are doing this right. As you contract your abs, press the soles of your feet against each other and count to ten slowly.

Remember, you should always speak to your doctor if you are concerned about any aches and pains within your body, and it can be helpful to discuss your needs with an expert before you begin a new exercise routine as a form of therapy.